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EDIT: I made this thread as a counter post to the "Does this make me a bad person" thread, but seeing some people post about their random acts of kindness, lets do THAT instead :) Post a random act of kindness!

If you haven't made a random act of kindness today, go for it!

Short story time :)

Someone asks in trade of a chanter can make Enchant Gloves - Gatherer. Being a baus, sent my tell "I got what you need"

He offers 10 gold + his materials. It just so happens that I HAVE the materials, and plenty of them, so I make 5 scrolls for him, free of charge, save for the 10g he had already offered up.

Kind of a 'pay it forward' thing tbh

Yup, often I see so many jerks in this game so once a day I do a 'Random Act Of Not being a Jerk'

Today someone asked in trade if anyone had any silk cloth, I asked if any was on the AH they said no so I hopped onto my ah toon and gave them 1.5 stacks for free.

See how nice this game could be if everyone just apporoached things a bit differently.
I was standing next to a lvl 60 once who got his/her first flying toon, he/she was so happy but they couldn't fly in org. Once I explained how to do it, the person said they would have to wait because they couldn't afford the flight cert. I gave them the gold. They asked how they could pay me back and I told them to do the same for someone esle someday.
I was running around Lakeshire mining once and I kept running into the lowbie toon just questing. I inspected and there were no heirlooms and just the general gear someone would have if they were questing. I checked my jewelcrafting and I was able to make a silver ring that would help their stats a great deal. I created it but the toon was gone.

I remembered the name so I went to a mailbox and mailed it to them. The next day I got a response thanking me for the gesture. She said she was a new player and didn't even have a guild yet. I then replied with like 10 gold (can't remember the exact amount). I remember what it was like having no gold at that point. It would at least defray the cost of a mount.
Horrible person. He later went on to use those scrolls to gather materials and become the master Chinese farmer of the world. Selling, stealing, buying many accounts and gold for a cheap and reasonable price in the black market.

Once he gets a reasonable profit out of his illegal business, he will build many prisons where he has the inmates gather mats for hours without rest. The free labor provides him with a wider profit margin as he is able to lower prices of his product to a lower point in the equilibrium point.

Soon, the price of gold will drop to a price so low that many WoW players who would have considered the acquisition of gold from real currency bad might not seem so bad anymore. The inflation that occurs from the mass amounts of gold being bought by each server causes gold to devaluate. The in game economy is no longer profitable since you can just buy gold now. The AH suddenly becomes empty and barren with no items to buy and no seller to sell.

To fix this "the blizz" steps in and attempts to ban every single player that bought massive amounts of gold. They use an automated system to automatically ban players that meet the set criteria. The new suave young intern at Blizz figures out that there is something wrong in the WoW matrix, but its too late. The automated system bans 99% of the current player base making many players rage and causes depression among many lonely men over the age of 40.

Riots ensue in the real world as many angst teens can't get their mmo fix. Blizz attempts to fix the issue by reverting all the bans, but it's too late. With the free time that many terrorists attained as a result of being banned they create a bomb like no other. They handle the bomb with care because it would destroy the whole world if detonated, and had become atheists as a result of their WoW accounts being banned, so they didn't believe they had an after life. Unfortunately they saw this post and knew that it could all have been averted if Klimpt had not given away the free scrolls.

With loss of faith in humanity, they detonate the bomb and the universe implodes on itself. With their final breath they chant the words "FOR THE HORDE FOREVER AND ALWAYS". A distant whisper is heard in all the chaos saying "Naw its all about dat alliance". The world ends in darkness after that. I hope you're happy...
Mordrok saw an Alliance youngling out questing in the jungles of Stranglethorn and granted him a SWIFT and PAINLESS death.

I kill for the thrill.

If your not in my guild, no free ports, no courtesy.

if your in my guild, despite how new you are, i'll do what I can.

If I'm about to run Magister's Terrace and I see a player around level 70, I'll run them through the dungeon. I run around the cities buffing random people, too.

I also once gave some Preserved Holly and a mini-pet (I think it was a rabbit?) to some random newbie in Darnassus during Winter Veil.
I like putting out a Goblin Barbecue for groups. Seems to make everyone happy.

Crap I just reminded myself I promised my hubby I'd put one out for him when he helped me two man Molten Core last night.
If your not in my guild, no free ports, no courtesy.

if your in my guild, despite how new you are, i'll do what I can.

I never really understood that mentality.

I don't really see the players separated by guilds or factions when someone needs help. We're all just people playing a game. But /shrug. I'm too much of a carebear, I guess. XP

As for the random acts thing, I do what I can when the opportunity presents itself. It's honestly hard to find people "to" help now a days. =/ Most are alts or have high level friends, and gold is easier and easier to obtain at low levels now ... but I try.

Sometimes I'll fly around lvl -20 zones and pass out bags and gold to people without heirlooms, but you'd be surprised at the people who refuse.

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