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There needs to be more threads like this.
I dont have enough gold to be doing charity ill make him tip 20g.
When I quit my mage back in Burning Crusade, I sold everything I had on him, completely lost interest in playing him or even keeping him, so I just shelved anything I didn't need and gave about 1,200 gold to a random druid passing by me and than logged off.
One time I was on my friends acct back in 06 and I took all his gold and traded to a random level 8
Just dropped 1000g on a level 5 near Silvermoon. Brand new player too. Made a brand new friend and she does RP as well.

during my food buff with fortune cookies, i obtained the 5000g card, suddenly wife was nagging and in the proccess of giving her gold someone else was asking for gold, so i gave up 300g to a lvl 60 who wanted to get flying and was half way there, followed by someone wanted some gold for enchants at level 40 so i offered 200g. did that till i realised i just burned through about all my gold including the 1500g i had on my banker toon, later that week someone gave me a couple of the rare pets including slimes for assisting his lowbie alt out of pure kindness, so i figured a little help here and there really does go along way, considering the pets were 10k+ and was totaly worth blowing almost all my gold i had on my rogue at the time.
I remember on Christmas Eve last year I was playing WoW because I was alone for the holidays and had nothing to do. I ended up hunting for some rare spawns cause that's what I do when I'm bored. I happened to come across one of the hunter pets in Northrend(The one in Storm Peaks, I forget his name) but I didn't have any guildies online at the time that had a hunter main or alt. Not knowing what to do I searched for a hunter in Orgrimmar, whispered him and then summoned him to tame the pet. He said he had never been lucky enough to come across any of the rare pets let alone know exactly where they would spawn so I decided to check on the other rare spawns and surely enough I got him every rare hunter pet that Northrend and the Cataclysm zones had to offer aside from that Lion rare spawn out in Twilight Highlands. The rare spawn gods were with us that night, haha. The next morning, Christmas Day, I logged in to see that he had sent me an in-game mail thanking me and had 2k gold and some enchanting mats he had managed to scrounge up(During the night we were chatting and I happened to mention I was dangerously low on enchanting mats).
03/13/2012 07:03 PMPosted by Crithto
Today I made Nethaera giggle at me, acted like Fonzie when Zarhym walked in which made him crack a smile and give me a thumbs-up, showed off my Diablo III beta skills to Bashiok which provoked him to respond with, “Ewww!”, and helped Brennvin feel some warm-fuzzies with my mere presence. It’s just been one of those days.

Someone give him a medal.
I give away ports for free, and although it's not as big of a deal now, I still remember all the kind thank yous from when Cata hit and everyone was evacuating Dalaran.

A short while ago I met a new player in Org, and it was very evident that they were new. Although in the 30s range of levels, they were in full greens and whites. It was also rapidly apparent that they were rather young, through their typing and mannerisms. I bought them a full set of greens and some bags, bu what they were happiest with was the collection of pets I bought for them.
I ended up meeting one of their friends later, who knew the low level in real life. She was level 70 at the time, but mentioned wanting to get the sandstone drake in the future to help carry her friend around. I funded that for them, and wished them the best of luck

Now, although I haven't seen the low level around for a while, I have seen the person I funded flying for. I recieved a happy whisper when they hit 85, and have now seen them flying around Org with a Sandstone drake.
I gave 2 level 30 guys that where dueling constantly and arguing a bit about how or what they did wrong each time, 2k each XD
they basicly fell over at the thought of having 2k gold.
When I'm rather bored, I'll randomly message people saying hi, I'll then ask them how their day is going. Most of them don't respond after I ask them how they're doing but I find it quite fun. I'm not sure if you'd call that a good deed or not though.
The other day, Crithto made a ridiculous post about things he absolutely didn't do and I didn't rat him out.

I'm so nice!
The other day, Crithto made a ridiculous post about things he absolutely didn't do and I didn't rat him out.

I'm so nice!

D'ohohoho :3
Flew a brand new player to scarlet monestary from stormwind because he'd heard about it and wanted to see what it looked like.
The other day, Crithto made a ridiculous post about things he absolutely didn't do and I didn't rat him out.

I'm so nice!

Snitches get stitches!
I'm pretty sure I did some nice things over the years, but my memory is really bad (traumatic brain injury in 2005 >.<). However, when I hit 80 and was questing in Sholazar Basin a few years back, someone on my server of the time heard that it was my birthday (which is on Christmas Eve), and decided that since I wasn't out having fun IRL like I should have been, he was going to try and do what he could to improve my evening.

He flew on over and opened trade, trading over some gold and "Gigantique" Bag. At the time, 1200g was a hell of a lot, so I was pretty shocked. He just wished me a happy birthday and flew off.
If I find out it's someone's birthday, I get the mats to make them Delicious Chocolate Cake and mail it to them with an Ice Cold Milk. :D Now if only there were balloons I could send off too...

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