<Yuva> - LF DPS for 2nd 10 man Group

Server: Frostmourne (PvP) (Alliance)

<Yuva> is a relatively new guild that formed a few months ago by group of Indian subcontinent based players. Most of our members have been raiding for a long time on different servers, but we decided to form a guild to raid together. As a guild, <Yuva> has accomplished quite a lot over a fairly short period of time. Every one of our members are committed to making this a top notch raiding guild.

Both of Yuva's raid leaders have years of experience in leading progression oriented groups on various servers and are now dedicated in replicating their previous successes in Yuva's raid teams.

Yuva's 1st raid group is currently 4/8 HM while Group 2 is now 8/8. We are looking for some solid DPS to fill our ranks for Raid group 2 and progress into Hard Modes.

Our requirements

1x Mage (Must be able to play both Fire and Arcane fluently)
1x DK (Predominantly DPS, we will rarely expect you to tank)
** All skilled players regardless of class are welcome**

We will expect you to attend over 90% of the raids since we rarely keep any benchers.
Almost all our members are over 20, and so we expect a level of maturity from any new applicants. Also, around 80% of our guild is comprised of Indians/people from the Indian subcontinent, so expect to hear a lot of different accents.

Raid Times

Thurs - 2:30 am to 5 am server time (That's Wednesday night)
Friday - 2:30 am to 5 am server time (That's Thursday night)
Sat/Sun - Rarely happen, but if we need to clear anything left over, we usually do it around 7:30 pm server on ONE of these days

If your interest is piqued, send me a PM here on the forums with your armory link of the character you wish to join on, a WOL/WWS report of a RECENT raid (LFR is acceptable, but not preferred) along with any other pertinent information.

If you have any further questions, ask for Juno, Reliara, Skyhill or Tendrak in game.

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