We are a newly formed guild strictly towards competitive PvP
RBG Schedule - Tuesday, Thursday, Sunday [7:00pm - 10:00pm EST]
World PvP - Monday [7:00pm - 10:00pm EST]

Current recruitment needs (6 openings for main competitive RBG team)
- Resto Shaman
- Holy Paladin
- Holy/Disc Priest
- Tank
- 2x DPS

- 4k+ resil
- Vent
- Working mic

Recruitment is open to anyone that is interested in joining and would like to PvP with us, however if you do not meet our recruitment needs or the requirements for the RBG team you will just be a regular member in the guild, and can still do BG's and World PvP with us, just not apart of our core RBG team.

If interested please message/mail Glytchx or Sebbro in-game for more information.

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