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On my hunter I like to camo on the hut on the left ally side and trap/stun EFC as he passes. any melee will have to run around to get me, then i can drop down and sprint back around if the chase me. works good later on in the game when their is not as much defending EFC.
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Well Ive discovered that Feral Drood makes the best Flag runner personally.

Say you manage to get your flag back and you are running out the Horde Base, head into the sewer entrance and pop Aqua Form, you basically have a mount now (that is if you're glyphed for it.) Only drawback to that is the fact that your not a bear for a time being, but anyone who is compatent, can just swap forms before combat begins.

Same strat works for the horde too, just gotta reach the river from their base and you should be fine. So long as your not yanked out the water.
Step 1: Be horde
Step 2: Sprint and jump off the ledge and parachute across the map.
Step 3: Be a druid and swim around in the water with the flag until the horde flag is returned.

End of game.
Zerg the md and fight on the bridge is the best choice always. If you can't find suitable room for your play style and your flair then just fight along the beach on either side of the bridge and fil in once the bridge fighters die.
This battleground is the same mechanic as warsong gluch. Teamwork is the key in all battlegrounds so communicate and protect the flag carrier.
check out the WSG one.... and you get all you need on Twin peaks... just swap a name here
and there...

otherwise.. dont use the water side of horde tunnel unless your a DK, shaman, druid or priest for waterwalking..

other then that.. WSG gg.
Speaking from a random BG perspective - communication is key. Use the pre-game time to figure out who is going to be your FC (hint: it should never be a hunter; warriors, pallies, druids, and rogues seem to work well) - then make sure at least one healer sticks with him/her at all times. I prefer a "split" approach, in which the FC always has about 3 players in support, and 6 players are on offense trying to harass/kill the EFC. However, if your group doesn't want to play that exact style, BE FLEXIBLE. If there's a group controlling bridge/mid, there's a minor skirmish going on, and it's not an emergency (i.e., you hold the enemy flag) - it's more useful to help them to finish off the battle, THEN say "nice job... now let's find that EFC". Pretty much guaranteed that you now have a group of 4-5 people ready to go... but, if you run in and start raging, "OMG you guys are fighting mid, how about some *&*%! help getting the *^@#!* EFC, jeebus!", then it's pretty much guaranteed to fail, and things will just spiral downhill from there.
Fight in groups.
Protect your FC.
Kill their EFC.
Win. ;-)
If you have a excellent group it would be the best idea to go 5 D 5 O its how i always win my TW and or WSG both are same and require same tactics. rules are plane, stay out of mid, get the flag while protecting yours, and cap it rinse and repeat and you win BAM! :D
Step 1: Be horde
Step 2: Sprint and jump off the ledge and parachute across the map.
Step 3: Be a druid and swim around in the water with the flag until the horde flag is returned.

End of game.

Step 1: Be either faction.
Step 2: Roam around the alliance base at high levels.
Step 3: Be anything with a knockback and murk people until whatever happens with the flag happens.

Something constructive: Make use of the stones in mid as they can provide LoS and help dodge spells. The speed up boosts are priceless assets to flag runners considering how close they are to the flag spots. The leaf buff on the Alliance side of the stream rests in front of a house which has a downstairs, if you catch a foamer chasing you it's good rp fun to lead them all the way down there and wipe the floor with them :)

Something literally constructive: /camp and do some situps. Or learn some french.
One thing I find helps is that if you are killed in the enemy flag room, don't release. If they ignore you, you have a few minutes to spy on what's going on. However, if you have killed someone in your flag room, it's best if at all possible to remove their insignia. This forces a soul release and they can't spy on you.

I spend up to five minutes in this BG as well as WG doing just this - spying on the enemy. I ran in solo just to sacrifice myself, and they ignored my corpse. I was able to call out what was waiting on my team as they entered, and although there are a few who gripe because I wasn't fighting, I was able to intel to my team that does help grab a win.

most people just send a stealthy in to spy, that way he can do damage at the moment damage is needed to be done. you on the other hand, can do nothing but watch and talk, and then release for a possible max second rez. In RBGs that is not viable at all
To Spinerip, This is exactly why i preach taking emblems every time you have a corpse. But yeah it is a good plan no doubt.
For horde - alliance almost always (and I'm talking like 85% of the time in my experience) enter through the pipe/river side of the flag room. For alliance - most of the time I've seen horde go up the front steps and out the side steps down past the gryphon roost. Also, there's a little ledge on the alliance base by the aforementioned steps that leads to to the front of the wildhammer lodge that can be very useful to utilise if you're trying to hold the flag or make a sneaky get away. This map feels a lot more streamlined and varied than warsong gulch and is probably my favourite battleground, actually, it's just a matter of learning the terrain.

DK's and knockbacks really shine here, too, with the sheer amount of water in the horde base and the numerous cliffs and drops one can utilise thunderstorm/typhoon pretty well and I've had a lot of fun knocking people around the huge hills in the ally base. If you're a death knight, make sure you're aware of your allies! a path of frost can really help out!
Wokker's Twin Peaks Guide

This brief guide is intended for the noob, the novice, and anyone who wants a brief overview of basic and specific PvP strategy for the Twin Peaks battleground. As an experienced PvPer and PvP Leader, I feel that this War College is the perfect opportunity for everyone to discuss strategy and improve the skill of the community overall. If you guys like what you read, I'll discuss everything in more depth than you might want to listen to.

Twin Peaks

Twin Peaks is essentially WSG 2.0, such that the mechanics of CTF with two bases in a square symmetrical map are very similar, except that Twin Peaks has a River in the middle and some depth / moats at the Ally / Horde bases.

CTF Strat:

Do not fight in the middle unless you're coordinated enough to hold the middle for control purposes. Blindly holding the middle will leave you exposed at the ends, such that people can cap the flag OR kill your flag carrier. The middle is ONLY the proper location for battle when you're either defending or attacking the Flag Carrier (FC) or Enemy Flag Carrier (EFC).

Coordination is a balance between "everyone going solo" and "everyone mobbing together". I've found that you need two groups, 4 and 6 is pretty nice. The 6 are the ones who run around stomping everything. The 4 are the ones with the flag, 2 healers is ideal. Yes, before you cry out, these numbers fluctuate depending on the situation, but essentially, this prioritizes an OFFENSIVE strategy that so many players have mentioned. 4-5 DPS with 1-2 Healers on O, 1 DPS 1 FC 2 Heals with good CC on D. The idea is "Strong Offense" and "Good Survival on Defense" such that the time it takes you to kill their flag carrier is less than the time it takes them to kill yours. Coordination is essential.

Capping Strat:

When capturing an enemy flag, the offense killing the Enemy Flag carrier should not run in solo. The probability that the EFC is alone is very small (<5%) and the chances that you can beat people 2 on 1, or even 3 on 1 is pretty low (<50%). Maybe you're rambo, but still...get a buddy and then kill the healer and while you're killing the EFC, you type out in raid or battleground "Get Ready To Cap!" so that the FC can get on top of the flag. So many times you'll FINALLY kill the EFC but your FC isn't ready and someone picks it up and runs off. Communication Prevents this.

The River:

Assuming you know WSG, the River is the most defining comparison between maps because of its drastic effects to the flow of the map. It makes the map feel a lot longer and tighter because it can be used to slow down enemies and it forces many classes to stick to the middle or ends of the river. Ranged can have a field day from afar while melee chews up slowed down people in the river. Positioning is essential, espeically LOSing around the bridge. Knockbacks are amazing here. Remember, do not chase down the first horde you see passing the river. You most likely have a more important role to achieve, like killing a flag carrier. However, there are times when you'll need to hold the middle to make sure their offense is not getting reinforced. In that case, use it to your advantage. Do not cross the river while under attack. Force the enemy into the river while attacking them. LOS when under attack. Heal when in LOS.

The Second Floor:

The second floor inside both bases is much larger than the one in WSG. You can create a solid defense on the second floor to provide good control against attacks and opportunity for escape if necessary. Use this floor, but be careful not to get knocked off or pulled into a disadvantageous position. Others have mentioned 4 very powerful mechanics for the second floor: Death Grip, Life Grip, Cyclone, and Knockbacks. Utilize these to maintain control and guarantee you can either cap or prevent a cap.

Map Advice

Use your map! Look at where the enemies are located, where your friends are located. Stare at it for about 3 seconds and see the Flow of Battle. Figure out where you are most needed, and go there ASAP. Be a smart aware adaptable team player and you're doing better than 85% of most players.
It's best to try to jump across as much as the river as you can then swim through it all.
I like to dance my heart out in the enemy flag room.
This strat is for pug groups and is almost guarenteed to be effective.

Assuming you have at least two decently geared rogues (which is almost every Twin Peaks for me) have them stealth near the EFR. Keep the majority of your team in your FR with your FC to defend.

Once the EFC has accumulated around 8-10 stacks of the debuff, have the rogues sneak into the EFR and smoke bomb the EFC and blow CD's. It's almost always a certain death for the EFC.

If the rogues are well geared, you can probably pull this off with only a few stacks of the debuff or none at all. I've seen some really good success with this approach :P
As in all BGs, first Rule of Engagement, kill, or at least CC, the EFCs healer, if he/she has one. Then, obviously, take out the FC.

I've seen them put as many as 3-4 heals on an FC.
If they do that, well, /shrug, do the best you can.

Traps and stuns are very important because of the distance the enemy has to cover to get the flag to home base.

I try to catch the EFC as close back to our base as possible.
This gives teammates time to intervene as well and make them earn every step back home.

If my team already has enough on the EFC, I'll switch to guarding ours.

If we are on the run home, repeat above, using stuns (scatter/concussive shot, etc.) on the enemy that is the most threat to our FC.
Dropping any and all traps along the way as well.
I have, when necessary, ran the flag myself, dropping traps to slow followers, popping a speed potion, using my pet and stunning incoming attackers to advance the flag.

Hunters, it isn't just for burstdeeps, it also unsnares you, just in case you didn't know.

I will often sacrifice myself too.
Melees especially, seenm to think that all hunters are squishy.
With my resil, pet heals, self heal, pots, fast CD on disengage, I can be very slippery and take a long time to kill, often against several enemy.
Again, I'll be doing whatever it takes to help buy my team more time.

Everyone and I mean EVERYONE should be using speed potions.
Not just flag carriers, everyone.
No excuse.
They are cheap and can often make a huge difference.

As another poster mentioned, always take the insignia of a dead enemy.
They haven't released for the sole purpose of reporting the number of attackers or defenders.

Use Shortcuts!
As you leave the Horde fortress, make use of the downed log on the right hand walkway rather than get caught one the short bridge.

DKs! Path of Frost when leaving Horde FR via water tunnel.
Pallys! Crusader is nice. very nice. use it.
Priests! Leap of Faith makes a huge difference when you use it to pull your FC away from harm.
Mages! I don't need to tell mages what to do, they all seem to be excellent at CC and total meltface.

I've killed several EFCs that use a 'chute off the Ally upper walkway.
If I'm within range, you won't make it.

If you happen to find yourself alone in the enemy FR and your team drops the flag, I don't care who you are, GRAB THAT FLAG.
You can learn how to pass it off, if need be, to a stronger player, but never let them bring your flag back, expecting to take on several by yourself, in their house.

I find it helpful to have a healer get the flag, And have a priest ( levitate works on water ) or a Shaman healer so you can walk across the water to your base room.

Assuming you have 3+ healers in that group, Once you get to 5 stacks, have all the healers on the FC.

With just that, It's almost an always win for me. /shrug

Oh. And because I'm a healer, I'm a target, A lot of the time, People who are going after the FC, Want to take down the healers. So be a target. Because FC > You. Even if you are a healer.

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