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best plan for twin peaks? /leave. hate cap the flag bgs
I, being a pvp tank and all, know the gist of being the FC seeing as everyone who i have played with yells let the DK be the FC well the strategy that works best for me is when the gates open imediately run through the right gate and hug the right cliff face(near re-spawn) Hopefully you have a few healers on your team who can stay with as per usuall of any CTF gametype. I have found that if you have your team come with you and then break off to take out the last few stragglers falling behind the Alliance flag group you usually can stay fairly unscathed and make it all the way to the EFR. As i said before it makes life so much easier to have a healer or two with you as you grab the flag but if you don't try to have a few DPS that can CC with you so you can lighten your load. If you are a Blood DK and you're flag running and someone attacks you it is almost crucial that you fight them, as crazy as that sounds, but Blood Dks only gain the majority of their health back by fighting ( i.e. Deathstrike ) sso you should basically kite them closer and closer to your flag room of course if you do beign to die use CoI to slow them down and if there is a priest on your team have them LoF you closer towards your base just to keep you moving (also if you arent getting attacked have a priest wait by the middle river and LoF you across, saves alot of time even with PoF) Once you are in your FR just keep your healers on you AoE like a boss to try and keep rogues out and have ALL dps group up to kill EFC, this strategy has worked all but a few times and i hope it helps!
Being Horde. /thread
I would like to make the point that while many general strategies are often correct, do not presume it is the only way to go. Sometimes in Twin Peaks, and other bgs, controlling the center is quite advantageous. You prevent any enemies from getting close to your fc, and you can storm like an immovable wall up to their base. Just because it is often bad to languish in mid, does not mean it is always the incorrect decision.
smokebomb/root the tank and have a boomkin/ele knock all the healers/dps out of the smokebomb while the tank is stuck there then cc heals while bursting tank.
Lifegrip FC into spawn near horde base

=no melee dmg
i make a terrible FC. I do randoms, so it's always a pug. I use the time before the start of the battle to talk to the team about who is going to be the fc. In the games where we've won, druids make great fcs because they can pretty much cruise from one end to the other. Surprising to me was a mage who made a great fc. Excellent and timely use of blink made him very effective. The protecting group consisted of me, running ahead for distraction/interference/cc,and healers to back up the fc.

Worst fc I ever encountered was a warrior who just couldn't resist turning aside from running back to base and jumping into a battle. Lost us the game.

Wins came from fc's who could get the flag back to base FAST and were well-protected by the team.

When necessary, I lead in to the EFR, and draw out stealthers, even if it means sacrificing my life and sticking around to scope out what they're doing so I could warn my team.
Play as a Rogue, Frost Mage or healer and you'll do great. Make sure you're geared and gemmed for PVP. Know the rules and objectives of the battleground. Don't fight in the middle.

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