MoP Ret PvP - Gearing Haste?

After looking over the talents and spec abilities for MoP, as it stands now I believe haste could be the way to gear for PvP.

Sanctity of Battle - Haste effects lower the cc and gcd of Judgment, HoW, CS and HotR.
  • Haste now benefits all of our holy power increasing abilities. The more often we can use these abilities the more HP we can generate.

  • As the game stands in its current state, this is not the case however it could change.

  • Additionally:

    Crusaders Zeal - Autoattacks have a 20% chance, to grant 25% increase attack speed for 3 swings.


    The Art of War - Auto attacks have a 20% chance to reset the CD of Exorcism (in MoP its instant, grants 1 HP on a 20 second CD).

    These two abilities would have a nice synergistic effect with as well. Allowing for faster weapon swings and more procs of both. (this runs under the assumption AoW can proc from Crusader's Zeal)

    Regardless of whether it will be true or not, it was something interested I realized and thought I'd share with the community.
    From the looks of it haste will be very important to us. It's hard to say how important compared to mastery, but we're definitely moving away from crit.
    well it will depend on how tight are new rotations is cause if your to gcd to gcd dosnt matter if there back all faster imo
    How much haste does it take to actually make a noticeable difference on your Crusader strikes?
    04/01/2012 03:05 PMPosted by Oldgrégg
    How much haste does it take to actually make a noticeable difference on your Crusader strikes?

    On live? A lot.
    Depends, but im gona bet its gona be over crit for sure. I honestly dont mind if our spec is completly away from crit, reliable damage > unreliable damage. Also a cool thing to note, it says haste effect, so that means bloodlust/icytalon/all that stuff. Oh and also we might finally match boots, the haste stuff is always with paladin skin LOL!
    Because since it lowers both the cooldown and global cooldown in MoP that means haste of any level won't have the issues it does on live. Since on live it doesn't do anything to the GCD it causes those stupid clipping issues that make it not as effective until a certain plateau. In MoP they've removed the plateau and it now smoothly scales up, which is very nice.

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