Vote Kick in BG like LFR for rude players

The last straw for me was WSG. We were winning the game and had 1 healer. She was doing a darn good job too. Rogue suddenly got pissed and went off on her. He walks up tot her face and hurls numerous insult, saying she is a ---- and a ---- for not healing where he wants her to heal.

I'm tired of the dudes that run around calling everyone baddies when they are the lowest on the scoreboard, and their friends calling all %*!s if you disagree with them. Give the respectable players some power to remove trouble makers and the community will take care of the problem. Guaranteed. It works in the LFR, why not in BG also?

Give us vote kick for BG like LFR.
You can always /ignore
Haven't you heard? Nobody cares about ignore. We need the ability to vote kick rude players out of BG just like dungeons and LFR. It works there, it will work in BG too.
If 3+ people report them afk simultaneously, it usually instantly removes them.
some random guy in AV sent me the you-have-been-reported-type/afk emote

so i naturally reported him afk

he evidently was spamming his emote cause after some brief nasty BG chatter he was gone

it's already working as intended
One minute of giving them a chance to fight horde to completely remove the AFk debuff is not the same as vote . It only works on people that are actually away answering the door bell or something. Again, vote kick works in dungeons and LFR as a proven concept so why not give players the option in BG?
03/13/2012 12:50 PMPosted by Sakura
If 3+ people report them afk simultaneously, it usually instantly removes them.

Its over half the BG group that has to report a player afk at the same time to remove him/her i think.
03/13/2012 12:46 PMPosted by Kratosha
Haven't you heard? Nobody cares about ignore.

What do you mean nobody cares about ignore? If you have a problem with a person ranting and raving like a lunatic, what is easier than putting them on ignore? It takes about a second to do, and you will never have the problem again. Problem solved. Forever.
I'd suppose that the issue is, that there are in general way more rude people in bg's than in LFD, and it would mean that all of a sudden half your team would be replaced( with possibly even more rude people)

and , ignore is handy, it helps at least some.
Except for the fact that multiboxers will exploit this, just like they can exploit the report afk
It's a game, grow some thicker skin, get over it/thread
Yeah, and vote kick is part of the game. I'll get over it when they are gone believe me. This is not the first post that has been made about vote kicking in BG. I am not alone in requesting this. [Thick Skin] is nothing to [Troll Mastery], [Improved Flaming] and [!!% fest].
How is being able to vote kick in BG wrong compared to other areas of the game?
03/13/2012 08:20 PMPosted by Kratosha
How is being able to vote kick in BG wrong compared to other areas of the game?

In an instance 1 person can hinder the group from completing the objective and can gain loot from others efforts without putting effort in, thats why the kick system exsists.

In a BG there is a timer that minimizes your discomfort with another player.

If you use the tools that are there you wont have the problem with that person again.. ?ignore i believe will keep you out of BGs and groups with that person again.

And as the others said you can get others to report afk at the same time and usually with enough votes its an instant kick.

The system you are asking for would be too easily abused and YOU would probably be one of the first people back here screaming for its removal when a premade group of 5 in a wsg,ab,BfG or TP voted you out because they didnt like something you said.

simply put youre asking for pandoras box to be put into the hands of people who will open it again and again.

Use what Blizz has given you and dont take like online so seriously
For the record I've never gone to a forum to request a feature be removed in my life. I tend to actually get along with non jerk faces quite well. Good post away.
LOL. I can see the arguments over glavies vs WS now...

But yeah... you really think PVP that bad compared to how many people join LFR with their friends? I've yet to see any vote kick spam there, unless you are AFK, but then again, PVP brings the worst. Possibly even worse than trade chat.

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