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Hey all. I've been stabbing around the fourms for hours, but I can't seem to get my stuff working right. Here's what I want to do:

1) and formost: assign macros to my extra mouse buttons. Left, right, and middle wheel are spoken for, but I want the other 6 to do something else ie /cast [target=focus] tricks of the trade

2)Use the G-Keys on the keyboard as extra keys as well. Target, macros, useful spells and things like that.

here's what I've tried:
1) used the default mouse/keyboard settings to try and keybind the bottom left action bar. Only two buttons I can map are button 4 and 5 on the mouse (plus modifiers; this works, but then I get confused- is #8 alt + button 4 or ctrl +B4)

2) used the gaming software to write a text block to use when the button is pressed (used general macro language there) Nothing happens when I push the buttons, either in "Classic Chat" mode or "IM Chat" mode.

3)used the software to assign the keystroke "SHift + 1" to various buttons and keybound Shift+1 to the first bottom left action bar button, shift +2 and so on.

3) given up and manually clicked the *(&*. This is not what I wanted.

Basically, i just want it easier to cast TotT and vendetta instead of scrolling to the bottom of the screen, or getting a lot of addons to move buttons in my face. I already use heal bot on my tanks and healers so I can mod + click to do what I want... I just want to be able to do the same for my other charicters... and eventually move out of heal bot altogether.

and yes, I am a noob at this... be gentle. Been playing for years though so I know the UI on the game pretty well... but I've been collecting so many addons and junk on my screen I want to clear it up and make it clean. Thanks in advance!

specs that might be useful:
WinXP64 bit
Logitech G15 (the model with the 6 buttons/orange)
Logitech G300
Addons: Prat and WIM are my only chat-modifying ones
1) Windows recognizes only first 5 buttons on a mouse as independent mouse buttons. Which is why only these 5 are recognized off the bat. If you want to get any use out of the other mouse buttons you have, you use the logitech software that comes with your mouse, to remap those mouse buttons to keyboard keys. Choose something obscure you're never likely to press. Like [];'.0; and so on, and shift/ctrl/alt combinations with those.

2) Regarding G keys, keep this in mind. Any macro that you write using the G15 keyboard system has to be doable if you were to write that macro using default blizz macro menu in game. In other words, if you're using the keyboard's macro system to do something that the built in blizz macro system can't do, you're more than likely breaking the ToU and risking banning.
With that in mind, what you should do is simply repeat what you did for your extra mouse buttons. Make your macros in game, then assign them to keyboard keys. Then using G15 software map those keyboard keys to G keys. Again use obscure key combos you would not otherwise.

3) If you're assigning a G key to Shift+1. Then you use your actionbar to make a macro like

/cast [mod:shift] spell1; spell2

and bind it to 1. You press shift+1 and it isn't casting spell 1, two things to check. First go into your blizz keybindings and clear whatever shift+1 is assigned to by default as that will always execute first. Also go into your interface settings and make sure shift isn't assigned as a self or focus cast key.
Thanks. Very helpful info there. As far as the macros go, they are very simple, just /cast [target=focus] tricks and /castsequence for my poisons. Nothing crazy, I just really want to use those side buttons to fire my tricks or vendetta, because right now I have to drag my mouse down to click it. With that tier set bonus, I want to be able to use it quicker than that.

Thanks for the tips, and I'll try binding those keys like you said. I was trying to bind them to the key combo shift down + 1 down + 1 up + shift up (record a macro in other words) to try and tell it to simulate pressing shift 1, and then mapping one of the action bar buttons to that combo. Will update with results for other people with this issue soon.
With regards to modifier mapping, read this:
so beware of mapping the key directly to something like shift+ctrl+key.

Basically your procedure is this. Get into the game, press Esc, and go into blizz macro menu, make a new macro like
/cast [@focus,mod:shift] Spell1; Spell2
Then drag the macro onto the actionbar. Then go into blizzard keybindings and assign that actionbar slot to a rarely used key. For example \
Then go to G keyboard settings and assign your G key to \
Otherwise if you start assigning shift+key to a G key and then try to make a shift macro in game or you have shift+key bound already in default interface bindings, you're going to have conflicts.
Yep. That worked. One thing I had to do on the software side though, is I had to tell it to switch from "automatic game detection" to "on-mouse memory" On the game detection, when I set the side keys to [ and ] it didn't recognise it, but on the latter it worked no problem.

now all my macros work like I wanted... AND for my other toons, I can set abilites I click on often into those same slots (it made the key bindings a global change, so I can just drop whatever there and use it)

Thanks for the help Sedivy :D
Thanks for reporting back.

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