<Trippinballs> is LFM DS10 HMs

We currently looking for at least 8/8 experienced players for our core group.
Clearing 2/8 hm with the rest normal tomorrow night (Wednesday 3/14)

We will clear 8/8 hm eventually (before MoP comes out).
Progression raid times will be Tuesdays & Wednesdays from 6 - 10 server.

Currently need the following item level 385+ classes for our raid team: 1 PLATE tank (pref a DK) , 1 Rogue, 1 Elemental Shaman/ Resto OS, 1 Holy Paladin/DPS OS, and 1 Disc or Holy Priest/DPS OS

Any exceptional players will be considered though.

We started as 3 RL friends wanting to just "beat the damn game" (which includes HMs, and we can't pug those due to a lot of baddies being around -.-). We look at every boss as a new "level" if you can't beat the level, you suck. Raiding only 2 nights a week, we require 100% attendance and focus. You will get yelled at if you mess up more than once, but it's nothing personal. Be able to take some criticism/ do what you are told to do and I promise we're actually really nice people....on off nights. :P

Socials / any non baddies are welcome as well :)
Come hang out! You wont regret it.

ohh, btw
420 friendly lol. :D
hey im lookin to join your guild im a 397 comb rogue downed maddness muchos times lookin for hardmodes and i like trees too :D
<3 you're more than welcome to join but we literally just got our rogue last night :/

First week around, with only 5 guildies - H Morch down. (not a great accomplishment, before or after the 10% nerf. but he's dead :O ) after this weeks clear our core players are all 395+ so if anyone is interested we raised the req. from 385 to 390+ for next weeks HEROIC YORSA + ULTRAX. We will be 3/8 HM next week. (any exceptional players will be considered though)

Currently need the following item level 390+ classes for our raid team: 1 Resto Shaman, 1 non feral Tank, 1 DPS with a heal OS, and one Caster DPS.

If a spot ever opens up let me know i am 5/8 hm exp if theres anything i can do to help ill be here. Grats on kill!
bawmp. still need moar for next week. come on guizee <3
I'm interested in your guild. 396 Ret with a Holy and Prot offspec (I can easily gear up my 384 holy to be 385+ in a few minutes with crafts and VP). 8/8N with knowledge of hardmodes. I listen and can learn fights quickly.

I'm just wondering what days and times you are planning to raid for your 2 days.
so far we only have 5/10 stable raiders we were going to discuss raid times once we have more stable players. most of us are available every day though. quite active mains :)

hmu ingame if you want to raid with us, most likely tonight? prot / ret would be fantastic although i wouldn't mind a holy / ret either :P
make that 6/10* after khryptic gears his mage :P
need a new DK/Ret too.
just cause we're a low level guild doesn't mean we aren't hxc.
people can't take criticism, get butthurt (with their low !@# ilvl...)
or replaced for failing at heroic ultrax nearly 12 times in a row.
seriously, how hard is it to hit a button?

now recruiting players with a brain.
Hey Bowning, I sent you a mail. =]
Khryptic sent me and invite to the guild and if you need to talk to me, hit me up in game.

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