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Wyrmrest Accord
Greedyfinger Enterprises offers you entertainment! The type that involves people beating the hell out of one another! This "Fight Night" will be taking place in front of the slaughtered Lamb in the Mage District of Stormwind, at 6:15pm. Come by if you want to see some action. If you want to prove your worth and get your name out there, contact Greedyfinger Enterprises to sign up as a fighter beforehand.

======================OOC Stuff===========================
Yes! I'm editing the info! Check every so often for an update.
The event takes place April 7th at 6:15p.m. in front of the Slaughtered Lamb.

It's now a regular event folks! Taking place every other week.

I would appreciate it if you used /roll but whatever both fighters agree on is fine, aside from dueling. This is an rp fighting event.
Contact Licinius if you want to set up a fight.
I'll say the rules at the event.
Hackett and his team from the <Shiftless Lot> is our medical staff! Love them.
Brawlers Match means no weapons or armor.
Everyone and their grandmothers are invited to this event!
Looks interesting, I'll see if I can make it.
What if I'm undead? will that be a fair fight?
Probably not. The other guy might smell you.

Edit: Also! Glad to see some excitement! :D
Quite exciting. Will try and be there.
May gnomes tag-team larger opponents?

I wish my warrior was on this server. I'd totally be up for this.
03/15/2012 12:37 PMPosted by Amberarrow
I wish my warrior was on this server. I'd totally be up for this.
03/15/2012 12:37 PMPosted by Amberarrow
I wish my warrior was on this server. I'd totally be up for this.

Perhaps you would like to join in with the crowd and watch as our fighters beat each other to a bloody pulp for your amusement?
Can't wait to see some blood.
03/16/2012 06:56 AMPosted by Atris
Can't wait to see some blood.
Fight Club?
I might give it a more proper name if the event goes well and becomes a regular event.
03/17/2012 09:10 AMPosted by Barkatelune
Sounds like it's in the similar vein of this

That's because every fighting event are all pretty much the same.

03/17/2012 09:10 AMPosted by Barkatelune
Pity Durden quit.

I'm new around here, but I get the feeling you frown on this event. I would have thought that you would be happy someone is trying to set up a similar set up seeing as the last guy quit.
Ooh, sounds like fun!
You should make it outside of Stormwind somewhere so Horde can take part. After all, you can be unflagged and still duel, so no sense keeping people out with an open-invite dueling tourney.

You'd just need someone redside on your RealID running the show.
03/17/2012 02:05 PMPosted by Carnimos


03/17/2012 10:58 AMPosted by Riparian
Ooh, sounds like fun!

:D Glad you think so! Look forward to seeing you there.

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