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Oceanic Guild Recruitment
Hi All,

I am currently looking for a new guild due to daylight saving changes messing things up for me with my current guild. I am from New Zealand and will need a guild that raids no earlier than 3:00 AM EST time. I have been part of the officer core of my current guild for around 2 years but due to a new job IRL I barely get enough time to make it back in time currently. When daylight savings kicks in raid will be yet another 2 hours early. (Raiding with a late night US guild our clocks go back, US clocks go forward)

What I am Looking for:
  • A guild that raids after 3:00AM EST, 7:00PM NZ time+ is prefered.
  • A guild with similiar progression 5+ hard modes down.
  • A guild that strives to be the best.
  • Raids around 3 days for a total of 10 hours a week.
  • A friendly and pro-active enviroment, ie a guild that does more than just raids but seeks to do raid achievements and PVP
  • If you are interested in taking me on please either add me via realID aaron.collins.nz@gmail.com, send me a mail in game or leave a message here.

    Experience: - All 25m, minus Heroic Rag which was 10m.
    WOTLK - Cleared all raids HM apart from ICC which we got 11/12HM (When it was viable)
    Cata - BoT: 4/5HM (Minus Sin), BWD: 6/6HM, Tot4W: 2/2HM, Firelands: 7/7HM

    Currently 6/8HM with approx 20-30 attempts at Heroic Spine.

    Also have some arena experience if you have a decent RBG team I might be interested. I have scored 2.2k in 3's and 2.1k+ in 5's.

    I have heaps of records, name a boss and I'll link you with them. Below is a link to this weeks HM Yor'Sahj.

    Intolerance is a 10 man NZ Guild based on Blackrock.

    Current progression is 5/8 H Dragonsoul.
    We would definitely be interested in another ranged for heroics.

    Raid times are 7.30-11.30 NZ time Wednesday, Thursday, Sunday and Monday

    Hey mate nice to see another kiwi around!
    I'm from Hamilton yeah!
    Anyway down to it.

    Ajantis is a 25man Horde raiding guild on Saurfang. Ajantis started raiding on Aman’Thul in 2006 and transferred to Saurfang in 2008. Our raiding history from Zul’Gurub to Firelands, can be found here http://forums.ajantis-guild.com/viewtopic.php?f=20&t=15244

    Current progression is 6/8 Heroic, with spine about to go down!

    We are a group of mature raiders with progression in mind, we aim to provide a drama free and relaxing environment to raid in. We take suggestions seriously and encourage communication between members and officers. We also place emphasis on raiders performance and attitude and constructive feedback is provided when necessary.

    Raid times (Server time/AEST)

    9:45 - 2am NZ time.

    Wednesday : 8pm-12pm
    Thursday : 8pm-12pm
    Sunday : 8pm-12pm
    Monday : 8pm-12pm

    We also run an RBG team on Fridays :)


    If you would like to contact me in game add me on Steven_mills1@hotmail.com
    Hope to see an application!
    Check out crimson we raid 3 nights 9-10 hours a week and are 8/8 hm looking fowler to mists and beta.

    We raid 7.30 aest which I think is around. 9.30 for you ATM. 3 hour raids if this suits look us up. We also do rated bgs Monday.
    I'm not great with time zones, but how's AEST +10 ? (sydney time) 8pm-12? - if that's ok I have a core spot in a 6/8 hm 10 - come chat with me online.
    Hi! ^^
    If you're still looking for a guild Dark Phoenix is currently recruiting. We usually clear 6/8 HM in about 2 hours on our first raid night each week and are currently working on H Spine. We're in need of a ranged DPS. We're on Saurfang and raid from 8 - 11 pm (UTC/GMT +10 hours) on Thurs, Sun and Mon. If you'd like any more info please feel free to take a look at our guild website: http://dark-phoenix-guild.wowstead.com/ or add me on Real ID: arindria@yahoo.com
    - Kitty
    Hey Guys,

    <Stupidity is Dispellable> is a new semi-hardcore 10m guild, based on the oceanic server Frostmourne. We are recruiting like minded raiders/players that share the same commitment and passion for the game we do.

    AIM: To establish a committed core 10 man team that is confident in clearing all previous/current and up and coming content on normal and heroic modes. We also plan to cater for a select number of casual 10 man team(s) and a larger casual member base for Achievement Farming, Heroic Dungeon Farming, PvP and all other aspects of the game.

    We are currently recruiting for our CORE1 team: -

    Bear Druid - OPEN
    Blood DK - OPEN

    Holy Pally - OPEN
    Resto Sham - OPEN
    Resto Druid - OPEN

    Warlock - OPEN
    Hunter - OPEN
    Mage - OPEN
    Spriest - OPEN

    Currently a few spots open to allow us to build the best composition available.


    Our Raid Times will be (+10) : -
    Invites: 7-7.15pm (BE ONLINE)
    Pull @ 7.30pm (BE RERADY TO START)
    Finishes: 11.00pm
    Bio/Break: 10 Mins @ 9.30pm ST

    ALL RAIDERS must know their role and class with in a raid inside out and backwards, we are looking for mature minded players that can stand on their own 2 feet in a raid and not expect to be carry or babysat through everything.


    Also Vent and working mic and the ability to talk to us a team is required. - COMMUNCATION IS THE KEY TO SUCESS

    With working on HM DS to have it cleared prior to MOP release we will also be working on old content like 4.1 Heroics, 4.2 Heroics, Drake Runs on off nights to build team synergy and friendships to become a strong raiding team.

    RAIDERS 18+

    We also welcome any other players to guild for guild actives and casual raids, as we plan to be a serious raiding guild with a larger active casual member base.

    If this guild looks interesting for you please do not hesitate to ask me for any more Information, you can also chat to me over Battle.net with

    Hey Bud!

    <Awkward Silence> is a (US) Frostmourne based 25man raiding guild.
    We strive to provide a friendly atmosphere where all of our raiders feel at home both during, and between raids, whilst still progressing at a steady rate through content.
    Mainly made up of Kiwis and Australians, our raid times are made with these two timezones in mind
    Currently, we raid;

    Wednesday, Sunday Monday
    6.50pm - 10pm Oceanic Server time.

    We also aim to have our alt 10man team running the same times on the thursday each week. These are by no means a requirement, but if you have an alt, its a great way to relax and spend an otherwise free evening.

    Our current progression is 5/8hm, with some steady work on Blackhorn getting us close to a 6th Heroic kill.

    We ask from our raiders the basic necessities of any raid team; That you look up any new fights you may no know. That you come fully PvE geared/gemmed/enchanted to each raid night, and that you have a good understanding of your class and spec.
    We do provide feasts and cauldrons for each raid, though we do not provide potions. We also provide repairs to our entire raid team once they have been accepted into the guild.

    Our website is www.awkwardsilence.co.nz, should you wish to check us out.
    Alternatively you can add me on real ID: gib_niblets@hotmail.com or contact one of the officers listed below.


    Cheers! and hope to hear from you soon!
    <Paint It Blacker> is a 10man horde guild on US Blackrock.

    *Healer Priority*
    1. Restoration Druid
    2. Disc Priest
    3. Holy Paladin
    4. Restoration Shaman.

    *DPS Priority*
    1. Hunter
    2. Warlock
    3. Shadow Priest

    We are on a PST server. Raid times are posted in AEST

    Monday 4pm-6pm
    Wednesday 4pm-6pm
    Friday 3pm-7pm

    If you can raid around these times but if you would like them altered slightly to fit your schedule better, contact us and we'll see what we can do to accommodate your schedule.

    To get in contact with us either email or add to real ID Mark.ivess@gmail.com
    You could also try to contact someone in our guild. You can talk to anyone in guild and they should be able to point you towards people with a higher rank. Thank you for your time.

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