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Wyrmrest Accord
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Heads up, but the Census will be throwing in our lot with the Horde in defense of Mulgore.

*Whistles*...Come a long way scince that day I saw the guild name floating above Catt's head and thought to myself "I want to join that guild". We went from the teens to nearing the 50 member mark and I've never had more fun. Though I have caused some trouble here and there....*Looks at burnt soap box*....But I like to think I'm all the better for it. I'm looking forward to seeing just how far we can take this. I give a tip of my hat ,which is clearly superior to Malak's, to Catt for setting up our allience with the RAS and the Watchers. Another to Wrest for being the awsome spychopath that he is. And of course to Crest for founding the Watchers.
Bump, I'm also debating if we should host a Nobles Garden event during the week of the 8th. Need to run it past the other coalition guilds, but we shall see...
Oh tinny blue crab you are so silly. Anyway, I'm proud to say the Census is now at the 50 member mark. I plan to start pulling in guildies for an (Anual/Quartarly/Monthly/ what ever sounds good) review. Just a little way to have some IC fun while lableing our guildies roles in the Census.
Sounds good, also, I have been fleshing out my event idea... Basically it will be three seperate days, filled with three seperate events...

Day One: A Day in the Unlife!
In a nutshell, we will be documenting each 'open stall' in Undercity where a merchant can set up shop, each merchant is allowed one stock keeper and one barker (in addition to the merchant themself) and each stall will be 'rented' to the merchant for a set period of time. During that time, they are welcome to sell their wares, limited based on what 'specialty products' they intend to advertise and sell. The main aim will be for people to be selling food, cloths, and nick-nacks in preperation for day two.

For this, I would like to get in touch with a few merchant/cartel guilds, who can help fill all the stalls. However, whether use of the stalls will be first come first serve on the waiting list, or if either independants (Or merchant/cartel guilds) will have head of the like privelage, we shall discuss and debate. Also, to spicen the event up, the Apothecaries will be (If I can persuade them) providing fumigations and imbalming replacement, or just the usual parts repair... We will also be welcoming the Ironfang as our new Overseers, and the Forsaken Watchers shall be out in full force.

Day Two: Noblegarden Ball in the Undercity!
As implied, the Census shall be hosting a Noblegarden's party in the city below the ruins. Formal attire is a must. Fighting, griefing, and drama are prohibited, dancing, drinking, merryment and meeting new people are a MUST! I shall be seeking to have all of the Forsaken Coalition in attendance, and be asking one or two guilds of each race orientation to present themselves in hopes of being friends. Random arrivals are, however, most welcome.

Day Three: Councel is in Session.
Day three will have more OOC then RP going on, but will still be something to remember. All the noteworthy guilds from the night prier shall converge within the sanctity of the Dark Lady's royal chamber. Each guild master/chieftain/whathaveyou will be allowed to bring trusted advisors and 'honor guard' numbering no more then ten (This number is up to change) Here, we shall discuss, in fair roundrobin style, what our guilds represent/stand for, what our individual goals are as guilds, how those goals overlap, and generally how best we can work together. At some point, a proper name for the coalition of forsaken guilds will be determined. A name to declare ourselves as being something more then just a rag tag cobbling of guilds, more then just the broken remains of a once dead kingdom...

Who's with me?!
Now, who among the guilds out there are willing to attend? I Call upon you salesgoblin! I rally you guardsmen! I ask for you kinsmen and nobles! Let this be a Noblegardens to remember!
A festival of life, rebirth, and fertility held in the Undercity.Let that sink in for a moment.

Perhaps, but think on this.
The Forsaken are a sterile race, yet we endure and flourish. Our Kingdom was reduced to less then ruins, yet now we are one of the strongest forces to march upon Azeroth. So indeed we yet live! Though we do not draw breath, we still live in our own right. Lordaeron was once ruins, yet now it thrives as a metropolice of activity, the old is gone, yet the new inhabitance are greater then the last, reborn stronger in the most literal sense.

In summary, why WOULDN'T we celebrate this great holiday within our hollow walls?
I will need to discuss with my Commander, but looking at the planned events, I'm thinking this is a thing we would like to do. You know how to find me, so let me know dates and times, and I shall calendar them for our guild and our alliances, if that's ok.
04/02/2012 11:03 AMPosted by Emmberr
Hopefully nobody gets offended by the whole zombies/Easter thing.

I love Easter Bunnie Zombies! I think?
I have no idea who the yung lady above me is.....But I think I'm in love.
Damn you Emmberr.....DAMN YOOOOOU!!!
Hrm... Debating throwing up a general thread dedicated to the Noble Garden event... But if I do that, then a LOT of unwanted folk will show up *Hangs a string of elf ears in warning*

But seriously, should I make a dedicated thread?
Damn...seeing active RP Forums like this makes me miss the days when I was Ally on Feathermoon and the server was quite active. Now I just wanna transfer over, dammit!
Hey man power to you. We'd be happy to have you in the Census.
Here, have a bump from a mojo man. Always glad to see someone put in the time and effort to put their guild out there, and persistently bump like a fiend. Good luck to you, and your whole coalition. I wish there was more connectivity on our server, and it's thanks to people like you guys that I might get my wish.
Well, if you want connectivity, then please see about bringing your guild and it's leaders to the Noblegarden event ^^

Or try to get in touch with other troll guilds, or make a coalition with another race guild...
*Zaps to page one with her cattle prod*

And STAY there!
*Skids around the corner in a pimped out wheel chair with a nailgun in hand* And so it shall!

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