[H-RP] Undercity Census seeking new members!

Wyrmrest Accord
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The event has been schedualed! Please contact your respective guild leaders for more details!

ALSO! In equally awesome news, the Census NOW has our own website, with special thanks to Seeva/Sionate.
Bump for the awesomeness!
Ninja bump from class!
*Hobles over and smacks post back to the top with his cane* And stay up there.....*Hops back into wheelchair and rockets into space*
Had a great time tonight, only wish I didn't have to go to work today or it could have started sooner.
*pokes thread with a stick*

I met two of your members last night (rogues), rather casually. They were nifty! I've never rp'd Forsaken, but I was impressed.
Wow, not only have we passed the seventy member mark this week but most of the ones we recruited are top notch Rpers. Granted one or two of them are cocky and psychotic, but aren't we all deep down?.....Anyway it's gunna be chore within itself to keep a lid on these guys. I'm gunna start pulling members in to see if they're fit for managerial posistions.
Woot! I am guildmaster now! Or Mistress rather...

Anywho, back to the top of the front! *Cracks her Fiendish Whip!* HiYA!
Saw this and thought I should help this get bumped up to the top again P:. The zombie robot waves frantically from the depths of the jungle, it has been a real hoot hanging with you guys so far :B.
To the top with you! And thanks for the bump, Poy.
Good news!

The Undercity Noblegarden Ball, a three part RP event, begins today at 6pm server time!

For today's entertainment, we shall be hosting a large scale bazaar in the Undercity. Comeplete with Apothecaries offering parts replacement and imbalming replacements, guards of various types marching the halls, merchants hawking their wares(Mostly cloths and goods in preperation for tomorrows dance) And of course the Census to be helping any and everyone who has a question or needs aid.

If you are interested in opening a shop for this event, it is first come first serve, and we ask that you speak with either myself or Krixxek.
..Well, blast. An Undercity ball could've been fun to watch. Sadly, I'm already booked myself for an alliance-side ball.
*Pokes with stick again*

Oh, and the event is underway, so best get there before all the RP is used up.
Bump for the grump.
Hrm.. I actually made an alt on WRA tonight, a forsaken Shadow Priest. Haven't quite set a story out for for him in stone. Really just made him because a couple friends are making alts. But if I started playing him a good bit.. this might be a group to look into. :o
*Pokes with stick again*

Oh, and the event is underway, so best get there before all the RP is used up.

Yeah, was booked for the night at that time =/ No worries. I'll find another chance to get some hordeside action.
Thanks for the bump. I would also like to announce just HOW increadably sucessful our three days of RP was! To think, we got THAT many guilds into one room, and nobodycaused a scene or got killed(Except for that random griefer, but he don't count).
*Yawns and bumps*

Good morning all. I'm still on a half break from the weekend. (Yes, my weekend was so intense I required a weekend from my weekend.)
Is this the same guild thats Rping that they are having a Civil War for the Undercity with those Apothecary folk and that Spec/ops whatever Guild?

I would hope not, that would be silly!

*Stamps with Heresy*

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