60's Thread #127

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03/12/2012 12:00 AMPosted by Tzionã
that would rock if it was on tenacious defender

ultimate stam stacking, or strength, or w/e lol would be cool
these new 60 threads, i dont even
Pretty much.
They are quite disappointing.
03/12/2012 01:13 AMPosted by Deadoncemore
They are quite disappointing.

Like your sex life?
A few months ago that would have actually worked.
Worth a shot anyway.
03/12/2012 12:10 AMPosted by Arksnark
these new 60 threads, i dont even

Hey ark, where have you been?
03/11/2012 04:17 PMPosted by Teebu
Thinking about xfering my twink somewhere so i can open up a spot here. So where are a good bit of active 60's at alliance side?

Theres really no great place anymore for allys, id say screams of the past, but i heard they broke up. we do 60s 70s and 80s bracket, but we only have like 4-5 active 60s.

You heard wrong kid. Get your facts straight.
Calm down Zwinks.
Calm down nerd.

Calm down fatty.

03/12/2012 02:33 PMPosted by Deadoncemore


I had a hard time finding this thread.
Too much fixing.
Not enough breaking.
BG pop.

rofl this WSG that's going on right now. bracket so good.

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