Copying Config files for Addons to other user

UI and Macro

I am attempting to send my friend my mod package, and I need to know what the best method is for copying my config files to theirs so their UI it setup like mine. We have the same resolution so that shouldn't be an issue.

Thank you for any help! :D
Make a copy of your WTF folder and delete any account, realm and character name folders except for one that you have you UI set up on and send it to your friend via whatever means.

Once your friend has it, have them rename the folders to match their account, realm and character names. After this, they can backup their existing WTF folder somewhere and delete/replace the original with yours.

They can copy the folders inside to match several characters if needed.
Long ago I wrote some generic instructions for packaging a UI compiliation and I'll paste them here;

1. Copy your Fonts (if you have one), WTF, and Interface folders.

2. In the WTF Folder rename the following items:

  • WTF\Account_Name
  • WTF\Account_Name\Server_Name
  • WTF\Account_Name\Server_Name\Character_Name

You only need to use the folder for the character with the most refined version of your layout and settings.

3. In the Interface\AddOns folder, remove any items which are not critical to your interface. Do the same for the WTF folders.

-- Be sure you include any custom textures, art, fonts, etc. Don't rip off fonts or art that are not made freely available. If you had to buy a font, you should not be uploading it. Stealing art is bad too. If in doubt, get the creator's permission to distribute the art or fonts.

4. If your UI Layount does not require specific macros, delete the macros-local.txt and the macros-cache.txt files.

5. If specific keybinds are not required, delete the file bindings-cache.txt

6. Place all these elements into a folder, and name that folder the name you're calling your UI package.

7. WRITE SOME INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS. Don't you dare upload a package without install instructions, updating instructions, and basic trouble-shooting tips. Put those in the folder you created in step 6.

8. Compress the folder. Use a standard compression tool; remember Windows, Macintosh and Linux users will be downloading your package. Don't make it hard for then to open.

9. Upload to your hosting site.
I just wanted to put this in since no one really mentioned it. Make sure you dont have wow open when you copy the folder and rename it. WoW saves data on exit so when you log out to reload your new settings they will have been overwritten with nothing :(

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