=== [A] The Shire, Saurfang ===

Greetings Everyone,

<The Shire> is a level 3 guild (being honest here - nearly level 4) who are seeking every type of player that is out there. The door is open to all classes and all levels!!!

We are looking for Raiders, PVPers and Casual Players to join us. Our aim is to raid progression content but we also have a love of transmog runs, rep runs, mount runs...the lot! We even understand the need for achievements! (ya gotta love that Blizzard gave us a "to do" list huh?!?)

On the raiding side of things, we do have some DPS spots available on our 10 man. We raid Monday and Wednesday starting at 8pm sharp and finishing at 10.30pm (server time). We may not have cookies, but someone in the guild has cake and we do allow breaks during a raid to grab that cup of tea.

We are a mature guild so our age limit is 18+

If you would like to join our ranks, then we would love to have you join us. Please feel free to contact me in game or contact any of the officers. Alternatively, you can go to our website at theshire.enjin.com and click on the Recruitment tab at the top.

I look forward to hearing from you :)

GM <The Shire>
Still looking for members
Still looking for recruits. Would love some PVPers for RBGS
still looking folks :)
Still looking :) come say hi
We are still looking for more people. Everyone is welcome and we are totally alt friendly!!
We are still looking for players to join us. We have spots available on our raiding team. I have edited the post to reflect the current goings on :)
Still looking :)

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