[H] <Dark Pact> 25M 8/8N (8/8H) LFM Mists!

Guild Recruitment
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Founded on 05/05/05, <Dark Pact> is the premiere Horde raiding guild on Bloodhoof-US focused on server firsts. Our roster contains a solid core group, plus a wealth of socials and pvp players that will keep you entertained and not lost in a void of silence. Personality wise, we're to the point while raiding, and zinging each other in good fun when not. We welcome you to join us, and allow us to make your raiding experience all the better.

History & Achievements:

- Tribute to Insanity
- Glory of the Raider
- Glory of the Ulduar Raider
- Glory of the Icecrown Raider
- Glory of the Dragon Soul Raider
- Realm First Conqueror of Naxxramas
- Realm First Magic Seeker
- Realm First Death's Demise
- Heroic Lich King
- Realm First Heroic Halion
- Realm First Blackwing's Bane
- Realm First Of the Four Winds
- Realm First Dragonslayers
- Realm First Firelords
- Realm First Saviors of Azeroth

Cataclysm Content Down:
● Realm First Heroic Nefarian.
● Realm First Heroic Cho'gall.
● Realm First Heroic Ala'kir (10M)
● Realm First Sinestra
● Realm First Heroic Ragnaros
● Realm First Heroic Madness of Deathwing

Current Raid Focus:
● Heroic Dragon Soul farming
● Preparation for Mists of Pandaria

Current Recruitment Focus:
● DPS Warrior
● Hunter
● Rogue
● Enhance/Ele/Resto Shaman
● Disc/Holy Priest
● Warlock
● Exceptional Players (All classes welcome) - We're always looking out for the next best player. If you are a Ranking Player, maximize your output, truly love your class, spec and want to be the best you can be, don't hesitate to fill out an application or contact us online! Raid Schedule: Sunday-Thursday starting at 8:00pm EST through 12:01am.
- We require 75% raid attendance. The more you're here, the better.

Loot Rules: Loot Council. (No drama, No favoritism. Based on performance/Need.)Raid Atmosphere: Serious Min/Max attitude towards raids. We all work together to move through content, all voices are allowed to give their ideas, and we actively use our forums to strategize attempts and make sure everyone is on the same page before we start the raid night. We are looking for new raiders that will ADD to our roster by outperforming our members to earn a core spot. If you're a player who can still maximize potential DPS while in a hectic moving environment and doesn't die then that's what we need.

Raid Goals: We aim to down content as quickly as possible to compete with guilds across the World. Our current goal is to continue our journey through the ranks and surpass top 50 US and further until there's no one left to beat.Guild Atmosphere: We have everything from Blunt to Happy-go-Lucky style members and we all get along together well. If you're not easily offended by crude humor or colorful language you'll get along just fine with us! We're rarely serious while not raiding and more on the goofy side, plotting the next best way to discombobulate the least expecting victim. We greatly enjoy PvP and leveling Alts, staying fairly active 24/7. We also house a large group of socials so your friends or family can always join if you wanted to level alts with them. Our server status is well established, we've had run of the server for several years and have been around since early Molten Core days so we're not going anywhere anytime soon.

So! If everything from my wall of text interests you, and you feel you'd be a good fit for our guild APPLY HERE!!Website: http://www.dark-pact-gaming.com/index.php

GM/Officer Contacts: Desdea (GM), Trolla, Meia, Zubr, Blaze, Sarpal, Stumarlyn.
Recruitment Contacts: Jolly, Shadalin
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