[H]<Hysteria> 5/16 recruitment closed.

Earthen Ring
<Hysteria> is a 10 man raiding guild that was formed in WotLK with the intention of clearing ICC 10. After quickly clearing normal mode, we moved into heroics and did quite well. Since then, we've grown into a semi-hardcore raiding guild and cleared 8/8H Dragon Soul. We had a late start to Dragon Soul content and hope to remedy that with an early start in Mist of Pandaria.

Hysteria is currently not recruiting.

We expect our core raiders to know what they're doing with their characters. Having the right gems, enchants, glyphs, properly reforging, and using flasks and pots is not something we should need to be watching out for. We hope to find someone fairly geared and experienced but it's not something we 100% need, gear is farmable, skill, intelligence and dedication is not.

We raid 2 nights a week, Tuesday and Thursday from 10:00PM EST to 1:00AM EST. We also leave Sunday open if we need to cancel another day during the week due to uncontrollable circumstances or to clear out farm content. We expect 100% attendance from our core raiders however, we do understand that IRL > WoW so if you can't make it, and you give us a heads up there's no issue with that. If you tend to make a habit out of not being able to make every raid then this is not the guild for you. All raiders are required to use vent to at least listen and we expect all raiders to have DBM(or an addon of the sort such as bigwigs), Omen and other essential raiding addons.

We use a DKP loot system, which promotes activity and attendance. We rarely EVER punish people with a loss of DKP, that said, it's not out of the question. With DKP, all raiders are eligible to bid on applicable gear for their mainspecs and offspecs. Although extremely rare, loot council may occur. As a core raider of Hysteria you also gain full repairs paid by the guild bank, on top of everything else that is raid relevant being covered by us (gems/enchants/flasks/pots).

Hysteria also enforces a no trolling policy outside of guild chat. If caught doing so it may result in disciplinary action. We're all adults and we don't mind some joking around but, we do have an image we'd like to maintain, and the last thing we want to do is offend someone.

If you’ve read this far, and are interested in applying, you may do so on our forums at:

If you have any other questions you may contact myself or another officer in game, post on our forums or reply here. Thanks for your time and interest!
I've been looking for a 2-night a week raid team. Your raid times are perfect for me. Are you interested in an Arms Warrior? I've cleared DS regular, and have raided off and on in the past. Mostly the 4.0 Launch raids. Here's to hoping you're still looking.

Edit: This message will self destruct.
We're not looking for anyone currently for our main group sorry :(
Are you still recruiting? 389 pure dps pve gear ilvl rogue LF 10 man Raiding guild.
Bump for awesome group of people!
Updated with needs for MoP
Bump. We also currently need a hunter for our DS 10 runs.
Bump, our main needs going into MoP and for right now is a rogue and boomkin or shadow priest
Still looking for a boomkin/Spriest
Big update, with our new needs (Monks!)

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