[A] Ruin is recruiting! (3/8H)

I've received countless whispers regarding ruin's bad reputation.
Countless? How many is countless? Sounds like you haven't had any whispers you're just trying to bring me down. But you can't, know why? Because I'm the best AROUND! Nothing's ever gonna keep me down!
lol chris
Love you, too, Shaboi <3
>.< Bump!
bump! need some competent raiders that will actually show up to raids!
Pft... that's not gonna happen :P
This is meline lolol, If you have a problem with me then go ahead and feel free to troll me whenever you would like but dont troll the guild. The essences were to be rolled on at the end had you listened you would of known that, and had you done more than 8k HPS on spine you could of stayed til the end to roll on them. You were not kicked out because you brought up essences you were kicked out becauseyou were doing terrible heals So hopefully you learn your lesson to not QQ and to research how to play resto druid... Kthanksbai.

Also dont try and troll from an alt, if you want to make a point do it on your main character just saying.
Pretty much that

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