[H10] <Fixed> 8/8H DS is LFM

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Stop posting after me so fast!

I get the Last Word
No i get the last word around here mister!
Azinea smells.
NO YOU! )=
You can have the last word. I prefer the Last Laugh anyway
Nope i get that too
Last Laugh

is actually my favorite weapon model
<_< I didnt even realize that was a weapon lol
You guys find a shaman yet? O:
Nope but that shaman is missing out. We just sharded Belt of Shattered Elementium yesterday
Slacker you better go find one O:
Have you looked under every rock? Every bush! Tree! There has to be a shaman around here somewhere! o: mebe your not looking hard enough!

;) Bet i could find a shaman
You finally enchanted that chest lol
Its always been enchanted! gosh D:
With how much gold you have, I'm sure you can afford some crafted bracers.
Would you stop creeping on me jeeze...now your stalking me!! im gonna have to tell Pel about this ]:<
Pel will just tell you to go buy some epic gems to put in the crafted bracers you can totally afford with the amount of gold you have.
How do you know how much gold i have! You stalker! stop stalking ]:<

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