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My stupidity notwithstanding, please explain to me then why do PvP guilds fail? PvPers are, without sarcasm, the best players in the game. When put in a PvE raid, they perform exceptionally well.

So, why then do they, instead of running a PvP guild that outshines all PvE guilds, do they latch themselves on to an existing PvE guild to soak up gear? Seems like they shouldn't have to. Unless, of course, they realized that the reason no PvP guilds last is not because they are not skilled enough to do so. It's because not one of them is fit to lead one.

That's my theory anyway.
It takes a lot of time and effort to organize and lead a progression raiding guild, and most excellent PvPers would rather arena than organize/lead/raid.

Also, to "outshine" all PvE guilds, it takes like over 40 hours of raiding.
So, if I'm reading this right, they'd rather get the benefits without all the extra work, so they can concentrate on selfish pursuits instead. Sounds about right.

03/15/2012 10:58 PMPosted by Lootninjette
So, if I'm reading this right, they'd rather get the benefits without all the extra work, so they can concentrate on selfish pursuits instead. Sounds about right.

Can't you say the same about every single raider that doesn't raid lead?

You really just seem incredibly bitter towards PvPers.
You could, unless they are PvE-ing because they enjoy it and not as a means to some other end.

From what I've read, you really don't have that many nice things to say about other PvPers, excepting those you are friends with. Which really shouldn't count for obvious reasons.
So PvEing because you want to PvP in better gear is selfish, while PvEing because you want to PvE in better gear is just enjoying it.

I don't have many nice things to say about PvPers that have a warped perspective on the game and their own skill level.
Seeing as each should reward you with the proper gear for that activity, I was inclined to say "yes, it does". But the real answer is doing either just to get better gear is kinda sad, really.

You are pretty much describing all PvPers.
The ghost of Ogpurps.
03/16/2012 12:58 AMPosted by Lootninjette
But the real answer is doing either just to get better gear is kinda sad, really.

Wait what? How do you figure?
03/16/2012 09:27 AMPosted by Krytlol
But the real answer is doing either just to get better gear is kinda sad, really.

Wait what? How do you figure?

When is anything in this game not done for gear? You can take the most selfless person in a raid and they will eventually get upset about not receiving their fair share of gear.

I would say that PvPers in a PvE environment tend to be more greedy when it comes to certain pieces because they KNOW it will be a huge diff in the pvp environment, whereas PvE'ers will only see the differences on certain fights/when they are performing optimally.
The point isn't about getting, or not getting, gear. Its about the attitude that goes with only wanting better gear. The key word in that sentence was "just".
You're right.
I will concede that everyone does, in fact, care about the pvp ratings of people they have never heard of, will never group with, and will surely never actually pvp with. And that anyone who believes otherwise is probably so bad at pvp that they lack the ability to form a reasonable opinion on the matter.

Glad you agree i'm right on this.... considering i said none of the above, nor did i imply any of it. Some people do care about ratings of people they never have played with, some do not. If you are not into competitive PvP, you likely couldn't care less.

You having a reasonable opinion on PvP depends on what you consider reasonable, that's a subjective term. But overall yes, if you do not follow the top of the charts and the themes/patterns of something you are participating in, then your opinion of the matter is likely askew.

From reading these threads, one can come to the definitive conclusion that there is a link between being a "competitive" player and being a D-bag. So, in essence, these threads fair nicely for being a who's who of douchery.

Also, integrity? Whose did I call out? I didn't name anyone. I merely pointed out a feature I wished to see.

You use the words "definitive" and "fact" horrendously. You linked "in fact" with people caring.... which is something so subjective it's almost impossible to state a fact regarding something a group of people "care" about. Also, there are not any "definitive conclusions" you can draw from anything on this thread (and most other threads on WoW for that matter). It sounds like you are trying to shove logical terms in sentences without knowing the definition of them to try and sound intelligent. IF.......... you were attempting to be sarcastic..... miss.

Saying you would like to see a list of people who are not d-bags, implies that you are dealing with many who are as such. Although being a douche bag is slang and doesn't have a definition in the way you are using it..... if you call someone that and then claim you aren't questioning their integrity, you are of questionable intelligence, have no people skills, or are a really bad troll.

03/15/2012 02:32 PMPosted by Conradical
Glad to see you foresaw someone calling you out for being stupid.

This made me laugh. After i read this troll's post, i thought this myself, then scrolled down slightly to read almost verbatim what i thought.
when did forums get so fun again
It's interesting how I'm the one with poor people skills, when the response to my generalized statements of opinion were met with personal attacks. And now, with this dissection of my hyperbole, my point is apparently lost in a sea of personal butthurt.

It's not surprising. Painting me as an idiot is a much easier defensive than proving me wrong. You know, by actually not being a d-bag.
You realize you were the one that personally attacked in this thread first, right?
Pointing out your logic flaws and poor choice of language parameters doesn't prove you're an idiot, perhaps a bit ill-informed or the language.

"lost in a sea of butthurt" .... please elaborate on this. Up until you posted about people being d-bags from your opinion.... literally not one person sounded butthurt on this thread, least from my viewpoint. If you are talking about me, tell me how i'm butt hurt, i spend most of my time typing replys laughing slightly under my breath.

Side note: having great people skills =/= never personally attacking anyone. Discussing your family, home, work, school, morals, ethics, personality, appearance, etc. is definitely a personal attack...... but word choice??? haha

Perhaps I'm wrong on this though. I'd like to know how you can out right call a group of individuals d-bags, but then turn around and say you didn't call their integrity into question.

Here i'll explain my side:
intergrity - general adherence to being of sound morals and ethics
douche bag (as far as i understand it) - acting on instinct without thought of consequence, even if it hinders other people you may or may not know.

K now your turn mister rogue alt.
Inviting you to re-read my posts at this point in the thread would be a bit too clichéd for my tastes, so I'll attempt to explain them better.

My first post was merely an observation that I would find a list of people on this server who were D-bags of more value than one tauting their PvP skills. It was more of a dig to the title of the thread, and the value of "best" being attributed in a context I didn't agree with. As in, the "best" HPAL on the server in my opinion is one that I'd actually be able to stand grouping with. And not just some random player that puts up good numbers.

It's an opinion, and one I believe I'm free to have, and post about, if these forums are in fact for discussion, and not just recruitment threads.

The second post wasn't a personal attack either*. It was a second observation borne out of the unfortunate response my first post received, and from the lively discussions I read in the other threads dealing with PvP related drama.

The rest of it is fueled by my morbid curiosity to see if, on a long enough timetable, trolling me can somehow make someone look less douchey.

*Albeit some sarcasm.
u r the uber troll bro ur sick
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Where the high road ends.
if these forums are in fact for discussion

There it is again.

Fair enough, you are.... in fact.... entitled to your opinion.... factually that is.

Who do you think the best Hpaly is Lootninjette? For the sake of argument... lets say best pertaining to skill of his class, not the one who is most likely to pass out rainbows and hugs and be super nice to everyone he meets. Who would you put at the top?

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