Scammer Soapbubble is back, Sleépy is new nam

The scammer Soapbubble is back. He is spamming trade on a paladin level 7 named righteous. I assumed given his last few scams he would be name changing soon so I made a screen capture of his achievements to compare to new hunters trying to join my guild to ensure he did not get back in to scam other people.

His current scams are as followed -

1. Attempting to sell runescape items (he will say he can't login to runescape to show the items)
2. Attempting to sell item codes/mounts (he will give you fake codes that don't work)
3. Asking to borrow gold from guildies (usually 5-10k with the promise to pay back in a day)
4. Attempting to steal from guild bank (he will withdraw everything he can)

Here are the screen captures proving this is soapbubble again.

I suggest all guilds remove this user asap to keep their friends/family/members from getting tricked by this scammer. <- soapbubble achievement page <- Sleépy achievement page

Notice same achievements, same dates, and same gear.
Think I gotta trust Sycksyn on this.
03/14/2012 10:12 AMPosted by Lîfë
Think I gotta trust Sycksyn on this.

Glad to hear that life. The guy isn't going to come out and admit its him and will do everything he cant to pretend his not. You cannot expect a scammer to prove himself to be one. He paid for a name change just so he could avoid being known as a scammer.
I believe you just saved people time and a headache. Now if only more people read the forums...
I heard saltine is an alt of soapbubble as well.
People still play Runescape..?
the smart guilds have at least one dedicated officer that patrols forums for posts like this just to keep there guild in the loop for mine that me

to bad all the other main/big leveling/raid/pvp guilds on severs don't problems like this might not come up so much
03/14/2012 03:08 PMPosted by Keimatsu
I heard saltine is an alt of soapbubble as well.

Yep, you're correct.
lol this guy is worst then the fbi pictures and everything YES I AM SOAPBUBBLE, YES I TROLL TRADE the 10k i scammed off of him was 10k he owed me on soapbubble. my name was changed and i took my 10k back he is just mad his little scamm back fired. i am known for being a troll but not going to sit here and be called a scammer anyone would do what i did if it happen to them....
....i doubt that bro im the best hunter on baelgun any hunter wants it set up something
That is the best you could come up with? Saying that I scammed you? You even offered to pay me back the 10k you stole from me if I wouldn't tell people about your name change.

You're just pathetic baddie. Best Hunter on baelgun? I did 2s with you... you didn't even know what trap launcher was until I explained it to you. Everyone knows you're full of it kiddo.

The saddest part about all this is that you paid to transfer from Horde to Alliance when everyone there knew you were a scammer, then you came to baelgun and paid to have a name change when everyone found out you were a scammer. You've been denying being soapbubble for 2 months now, who is gonna believe someone so full of crap?

You lie so much that its sad how you are actually starting to believe yourself.
I've heard of another scammer horde-side. I've met her, its a orc rogue, her names like wakkawakka or something. She scam-ripped a guy 500 gold out. I havnt seen her around on my horde toon, so dont worry bout her now.
lol I hate being scam-ripped!!! She prob offered cyrberz and the 13 year old was dumb enough to do it... move along people move along

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