[A] Firelands 10m, Achievement Run & Heroics

Looking for a few more for a Firelands clear on Sunday 3/18 at 9pm Pacific Time. We will be doing the meta achievement so this run will be 2 weeks worth of stuff. We will decide once the raid is formed whether we will be doing heroics or achievements the first week, tho i assume this week it will be achievements and next week will be heroics.

I am looking for 1 tank, 1 dps and 1 healer/dps hybrid. Please post here with you email so i can contact you through real ID. You must be decently geared and know what you are doing on all fights. Please dont bother posting if your gear is terrible or you plan on wearing pvp, i will be checking thoroughly for those that post. Thanks =D

P.S Siphons are open atm, dont have anyone on that part of the quest. Cinders are on reserve
I'm your huckleberry as far as tanking goes. jokrz@comcast.net
400ilvl boomkin i need do a barrel roll and do the penitent.. .. if ur doing those im game for sunday.

trivium92@comcast.net < real id >

Exp raiding: 7/7Heroic FL

wol Parses: http://www.worldoflogs.com/guilds/177422/

Average known Epb Parse's : http://raidbots.com/epeenbot/us/shadowmoon/volkswaggin/
wish you were horde ><
Wish I am available for your time :/
bump! if u need a dps still
401 resto drood with 382 OS boomkin lf to complete my Glory of Firelands Raider.

All I need is regular Alys and nobody to get hit by brush fires!
I will stay the entire run IF I will get my achievement.

real id : gusugurb01@gmail.com
ive done the strat for 1 tank 1 heals and 8 dps up stairs and kill boss b4 tornados but we had a dps get butthurt over us !@#$%ing at him for falling and running in to fire then leaving raid so got fd over >.>
ill go

eyeseesound (@) gmail (Dot) com
finished glory, nm.
I'd be interested on my hunter if we did H rhyo... still need cloak Vulpîx @ Malygos is the toon..
My lock has 8 H rag kills and #25 parse and my hunter has 1 kill on him too

400ilvl Prot pally LF a HM firelands Xrealm run, i have 6/7 HM pre-nerf exp with alot of attempts on HM rag, (i am mainly there for beth trink on heroic) but i will go as far as the group is able,

RealID justin.raden@gmail.com
Firelord, 396 Spriest, 2/8H DS, dragonslayer, ETC.

Ill go if I can do delegation, and we can do the staff boss.

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