Kill Varian, not Garrosh!

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03/19/2012 03:33 PMPosted by Ailara
Why not kill both of them?
* Mexican fiesta*
i knew he would die someday.

you dont get on Sylvanas' bad side.. you just dont. and you REALLY dont get away with calling her a B**ch.
03/19/2012 05:57 PMPosted by Elysion
you dont get on Sylvanas' bad side.. you just dont. and you REALLY dont get away with calling her a B**ch.

If the shoe fits, wear it.
03/19/2012 03:26 PMPosted by Rekuja
Varians a good king.. Blizz is just lazy with his progression

This. Garrosh sucks Varian in 7.0.
You buy cat?
You make absolutely no points to support your claim.
I am unconvinced.
03/19/2012 05:59 PMPosted by Foolsmasher
you dont get on Sylvanas' bad side.. you just dont. and you REALLY dont get away with calling her a B**ch.

If the shoe fits, wear it.

Oh she'll wear it alright, and then you get it up where the sun don't shine. :D
I still say to kill Varian. it's like his only flaw is he hates orcs, and the only thing driving him is the fact he saw his daddy killed before his eyes. Varian's character development has been rather shallow in my view, he onyl has minor changes, and he's depicted more bloodthirsty than orcs in numerous occasions, and if he's gonna have a baby with anyone, then sorry, Varian needs to die! Varian wanted to murder Moira first, and forget questions, with complete disregard for diplomacy unless anduin fronts the charge.

Garrosh however spent years of his life fighting off alliance invaders in outland who were left behind by their own king, and dealing with being the butt end of a verbal butt-kicking by his own people until Thrall showed Grom's martyr moment, Garrosh was driven to make the world better for his people. sadly however, he's unable to keep up with the demand, and due to his youth, he's inexperienced at leading the entire horde. he doesnt understand dplomacy, but I'm certain Garrosh may have a lot of washing of his hands to do considering some people under his command may think "by any means necessary" translates to honorable combat. we saw Garrosh display his displeasure to cowardly tactics(Stonetalon mountains), so he's not afraid to punish his own men for their misdeeds. thing with Garrosh though, his actions may be hasty and cause the misdeeds of his men to fall on his shoulders, a burden he's not considering at the moment that could hurt him later.

at this point, Varian may as well call himself "Larry Sue" for the fact he didnt die but his split personalities were merged again. last I checked, dragon flames kill people, not merge manifest split personalities back together.
Haven't you heard? Varian is the next Horde Warchief. The war between the Horde and Alliance climaxes with the Battle for Orgrimmar, we kill Garrosh WITH the Alliance, then Varian unites the two factions. Sure there will still be wPVP, just like there always has been. It is a fragile truce once again. Long Live King Varian.
I thought Theramore deserved it....

But he killed Caire and tried to kill Vol'jin, and screwed up Dalaran for us. So yeah, please, axe him.
I'm assuming the OP is blinded to what Garrosh is doing to our kind. It must be stopped. He is a monster and he is unstable!
says the blood elf, whos race garrosh doesnt entirely trust and would probably kill them along with varian.

Garrosh is a good leader like Hitler was a "good" leader. Hes good, but hes leading the horde in the wrong direction.
aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand NECRO'D.
Kill em both.

Booo hisss?


Let Anduin Wrynn for king. He's um what now? 15 or 16 years old? Give em a year or two. He's fair, kind and gentle. He also speaks and represents the alliance.

Voljin represents the horde well. is fair in the same regard

EDIT: forgot about Saurfang. he'd be cool too!!!
LOL Look at the male blood elf being all tough. You wouldn't dare crush us beneath you, it'd mess up your pretty armor, scuff up your Jimmy Choo's!

Just calm down, all the frowning and screaming will just wrinkle your pretty skin, and the stress will destroy your smooth, glowing complexion.

Here honey. /gives a nail file and a fruity tropical drink. Go relax.

Geez, you people need to give that crap a break. You all look like a bunch of dumbos.
Also it seems like it's going to be Lor'themar or Vol'jin for next warchief, I have no issue with either.

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