Soloing Ulduar (+Val'anyr Fragment Farming)

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Zsunnie, i was wondering. Is Halion Soloable?

I don't think Halion can be solo'd by any class because of the two zones that need to be occupied.
Actually Halion has already been soloed by DKs. Mione even soloed it on heroic. With that said it would probably still be impossible for Priests since he melees too hard. After all he is the FINAL boss implemented in WoTLK, so it was designed for tanks with at least TOC/ICC gear. On top of that his melee damage in phase 3 increases when u push him further into the other realm. But then again, I haven't really tried it so it's all conjecture at this point.

As for Precious in ICC....never really tried him or even thought about trying him. But if I were to try him now, I would employ a similar strategy as the one I used against Gluth, except Gluth never used Decimate when soloing. Definitely save shadowfiend until after he uses the first decimate, during which you must run far away to reset stacks and heal back up.. It has a decent amount of health too so it might also be a tight DPS race.
i've tried saving the SF after the first decimate, but i guess i lack dps, because i could only bring him to 40 % before he hits me with the next decimate.
Next week i'll try to see if he's rootable (with the tailor net) or if i can run away with a potion, like you do in fights like lady vashj xD

Anyway, grats on the kill and i'll be waiting for your next impresive solo xD
I just looked up its health and it turns out that it has similar health to gluth. It hits slightly harder but keep in mind that you also have 30% extra health in icc to absorb the extra damage. Also unlike gluth, it won't periodically soft enrage but this advantage is offset by the periodic aura damage u take every few seconds. The big advantage however, is that Precious won't devour zombies to heal himself, though the decimates are indeed annoying. Precious is considered a miniboss so I highly doubt tailor nets will work.

How many seconds into the fight does he cast his first decimate?
Well, after pulling, the first decimates is landing around the 13 sec. And the CD is 30 secs.

So i have less than a minute to bring him down xD

I wouldn't be surprised if you kill him before the first decimate because your dps is much greater than mine xD (i tried soloing the twins of AQ, but....they heal too much for me T_T)
The Assembly of Iron is probably the last soloable encounter in Ulduar that I have not yet done. As mentioned earlier, the main reason this encounter is a brick wall is simply their high dps.

I am currently working on this encounter though. And if you thought Mimiron Firefighter or Yogg 1 light in the darkness was hard, then this... this... is just HELL. If Mimiron Firefighter was a 5 man heroic dungeon boss, this would be a 10man heroic END RAID boss. If Yogg 1 light was rated 8/10 in difficulty, this would be rated 20/10. This encounter lies on the very pinnacle of what shadow priests can solo... and even then, I believe I can do it, since I had a good attempt getting Steelbreaker down to 28%. A major problem was encountered while using the Cunning trinket and that is it tends to deal damage to Molgeim whenever it procs, hence breaking his shield occasionally. This causes him to do 50% more DPS. I could dispel his shield before it breaks but that just takes up 1 unnecessary GCD... I also tried to switch to another trinket, but they are all rather inferior zzz..... Hopefully this coming week I can win some better gear >_>...

Oh and earlier in this thread there was discussion regarding soloing Twin Emps and CThun. Just to let you guys know that I managed to get Cthun down. Video here:

The usual strat is to pull Ouro into Cthun's room. You can read the rest in the video description. Anyway that makes 8/9 in terms of my AQ40 progress, with Viscidus being the unsoloable boss. For the record, I couldn't solo him coz I couldn't shatter him, I froze him up just fine using Mind Spike.
Finally got Assmebly of Iron down!
Possible to make a video on soloing TK?
Well for TK (I assume you meant Tempest Keep). The first 2 bosses are pretty faceroll, even in 359 gear, so there really isn't a need to make a video of that. As for Kael'Thas, I did make a video of him, but that was a long time ago when I was still in crappy gear and the fight was quite messy. But if you want to see it, here it is:

Keep in mind that after you defeated Kael, DONT UNEQUIP your staff of disintegration, as you can then use it to faceroll Void Reaver afterwards.
Hey guys I went back to ulduar to see what else I can do with some new gear. Decided that I might try XT002 Heartbreaker. Took me just over a weeks worth of attempts but I finally got it after temporarily race changing to goblin (racials helped a lot). Anyway here is the video
Updated the original post with some stuff regarding 25man ulduar. No, I did not solo all uld25 bosses, not even close.

Good luck to all other priests interested in Valanyr farming. Hopefully my future uld25 videos can help. Happy to help anyone who is interested in trying this out.

Heres the first 25man video I made:
I am having trouble soloing assembly of iron on this warrior. Any advice? The damage dealt out initially is just so high... once steelbreaker drops I am squashed in seconds. I know I have mostly LFR gear.
I am having trouble soloing assembly of iron on this warrior. Any advice? The damage dealt out initially is just so high... once steelbreaker drops I am squashed in seconds. I know I have mostly LFR gear.

You should make a thread and ask on your own class forum and not necro a year old priest thread.

Just sayin.


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