Wtb 2300 Rbg rating from 2150.

Horde Lock Wanting to pay around 50k for 150ish rating. Cross server. I have Dragonwrath and reg Cunning. and Pvp experience from early BC. Full Elite gear. Just would like to get Warlord.
Cunning and a Staff, no warlock should be paying when they have that!

why hide behind an alt mr bloodygore from bonechewer
How do you check to see what there main is?
We're ninjas and can see this sort of thing

Like the fact that you're on saelyne's account xD
Reporting Saelyne for account sharing

Also any team will gladly take a warlock with that kind of gear, not really sure why you need to pay
Im clearly not adjacent.
03/19/2012 09:11 PMPosted by Professormim
I have Dragonwrath and reg Cunning.

should be 2700 then

~ rbgs ~
please send me a in-game mail with ur skype name and we can talk about this

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