World PvP?

Looking to xfer/reroll here for WPvP.
Horde side.
I have played Alliance on both Illidown and Mal'Ganis, so faction balance is not something I worry about. A half decent economy is what I am after so I can buy Pots/Nets/Bombs when I want to gank/film for a bit.

Also, are there a lot of Alliance in places like TB, MF, and farming spots?Thank you.
I will look for you on the battlefield.
was quite the little skirmish in westbrook garrison last night...look forward to more world pvp
Arthas the server seems to have a lot of world PVP. Just had a 200 man city raid that was a big deal, and I saw several other world pvp threads on the topic list.
Insidious Wrath is a great Wpvp guild. We wpvp pretty much everyday. Check us out! If you want to know more Id contact our GM Neysa. Hope to see you!
When your on the Horde side here you get a chance for WPvP almost every time you log on. The Alliance here are not lazy boring players, they will go after you...its GREAT!!!

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