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My gratitude to Hummingbird Coffee.
We're tired of looking at the Cath every week, so we're gonna start moving. Tonight we'll be under the Mage Tower from 6:30-7:30. That's right, right near the Recluse. What're they gonna do about it? Nothing. 'Cept maybe cry.


Got the best drink this week. Ain't got milk or syrup or anything, just four double shots. I have one every day. It's the way you're supposed to drink espresso, no crap in. Come by and get yourself a Phee.

Not me. The drink. I ain't going with you.
We got these Embersilk Bags with the logo on. They're pretty nice. Gonna give one away tonight. I dunno who to, prolly some guy with muscles the boss likes.
I enjoyed the event last night, even if I blinked too far and ended up behind the counter.
04/25/2012 06:36 AMPosted by Wilbyr
I enjoyed the event last night, even if I blinked too far and ended up behind the counter.

Heh, don't mind Phee. She's very territorial.

Thanks for an amazing turn-out last night, WrA! I hope we sparked some good arps.
That was a very fun event, and thanks again for the delicious macchiatto!
Fun event last night. Looking forward to working with you all next Saturday at the Runic Cafe event.
Bump for coffee
Tuesday again. This week's special is the Pretty, for that one nelf boy we got. It's a mocha but with cream in instead of milk. Lots of cream. Star'll be happy to tell ya all about it. 6:30-7:30, across from the Mage Tower. Just like last time. Come get somethin' to put in your mouth.
Scratch that. Pretty and Puck both have the Sewer Runs. Me an' Phee are good, but we can't handle numbers like we had last week. No coffee tonight. You can see us Saturday at Koira's book thing, though. If you like words.
Aww, six or seven of us Gnomes were looking for you last night. Perhaps we'll catch up to you next time.

- Forbs
"For Gnomeregan!"
We should be on tonight. I think. I hope. Unless Puck has another "product emergency." We're keepin' last week's special, a mocha with extra creeeeeeeam. Ya gotta say it all creepy. Mage Tower. Don't miss it.
Ran out of Brylcreem?
*Sloshes their coffee back up to the top because they're just too cute and all and got Civ addicted!*
Tonight we have the Pucklin, a mint latte with cinnamon. He's been beggin' people to try it for months. We'll move next week, but tonight you can look for us by the Stormwind Mage Tower from 6:30-7:30. Come get some of the good stuff.
Bump for sweet delicious coffee.
We're movin' tonight. Look for us on the boulevard south of the Cathedral from 6:30-7:30, over by all the benches. We'll set up under a tree. Gives ya lots of to spread out, so bring friends to chat with. And to buy coffee.

This week's special is a hazelnut macchiato. That's a double shot with hazelnut and just a little bit of milk. Even I like it some.
Tonight we'll offer an orange mocha. Puck says it's summery and refreshing. I say it's too damn sweet. You can make up your own mind from 6:30-7:30, directly south-west of the Cathedral. You know that corner? We're not in it. If you're in the corner, turn around and head west about twenty paces. Boom. Coffee.
Better 'ave a tall mug o' black coffee waitin' 'fer tha Lord-Chancellor, lass!
05/29/2012 02:44 PMPosted by Galvynn
Better 'ave a tall mug o' black coffee waitin' 'fer tha Lord-Chancellor, lass!

Will do. Fifteen minutes until caffeine, people.

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