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Wyrmrest Accord
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I mean it about bein' on time. I got things to do.
And that'll do it for that bit. Cheshir thanks you for the coffee and hopes she finds the mechanical squirrel soon.

On a related note, someone has apparently set fire to another gazebo behind the Cathedral.
Tonight we have everyone's favorite, the latte mocha. Except mine. I take my daily octoshot straight. Anyway, 6:30-7:30, south-east of the Cathedral. See you there.

((We'll skip the next two weeks to enjoy the Theramore and MoP releases. Don't miss your fix!))
Thirty-seven minute warning.
It's been a busy few weeks, but we are back with the brew you love. Find us southeast of the Stormwind Cathedral from 6:30-7:30 and try an espresso with cream. It's an easy start for those new to expressed coffee, and a classic that veterans love. Fifty coppers off for our new Pandaren visitors. Don't miss it.
Do you sell Pandaria kafa?
If that's Pandaren for coffee, yeah. Sure.
Hightinker's knickers, Phee. What's a keenbean?
Gnomes, always so punta.....


They sell coffee?


I'll punt a Gnome, I'll punt any Gnome. I really like punting the annoying ones, but Coffee Gnomes? They are a national treasure and not for the punting!

I will defend and hold true to bringers of caffeine, for they are the way and the jitters and the sleepless nights.
Please. No gnome coffee for the cow. I beg you. He's bad enough with the regular brew.

I don't think I can handle him on this magical concoction of insanity. Those hooves hurt when he kicks. My bones can't handle too many more kicks or I'm going to be looking for a goblin to make me a new skeleton.

That being said...first gnome to make bubbly fizzy drinks of caffeinated awesome will have my protection and gratitude until the day I die....again.
We have a new product: Witchberry Syrup, straight from exotic Pandaria. It has a deep, spicy sweetness that makes for a good latte, so that's our special tonight. Come see us just southeast of the Stormwind Cathedral from 6:30-7:30 and try a taste of the South.
So yeah, looks like kafa is a highland coffee variety. It's not bad. Little acidic for my tastes. Costs too much right now to import, so you get the regular stuff tonight. Half an hour.
This thread actually makes me want coffee.

IT'S 10:00, DAMN YOU
It's always the right time for a cup of the Nectar of Gnomeregan!
No coffee tonight, but that doesn't mean you can't get your open RP fix! The Servitors of Lothar will host a haunted trail tonight at 7:00. Groups will meet in front of the Keep at Aerie Peak in the Hinterlands. Come here spooky stories and watch a gnome argue with a ghost about jars!

It's that time again. We'll offer a pumpkin spice latte tonight. A syrup. We don't actually cram a pumpkin there. Southeast of the Stormwind Cathedral, 6:30-7:30. Don't miss it.
It's awesome that this is still going :D

Now... If only I could come across you guys... /hurumph!
It is super easy to find coffee gnomes, you guys.

1. Start at the steps of the Cathedral, facing it the building.
2. Turn left.
2b. If you cannot find left: Hold your hands in front of you. Extend your thumbs and index fingers. The hand that makes an L is on the left. Turn that way.
3. Walk forward.
4. There is a tree on your right. See it? See the gnomes standing on the planter? They are actually behind an espresso cart. Use your imagination.
5 Wait, are you at the arch? Go back. The gnomes are on your left now (the L hand).
6. Get in line. Brill likes a nice line.
Fifteen minutes, folks.

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