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That was awesome! Not awesome in an 'epic' sense. Just awesome in a 'getting all tingly and excited about the upcoming patch' type of awesome.

I'm still enjoying Cata, although my enthusaism does wane from time to time, and I've been extremely patient in waiting for any news about Mists. In fact, part of me didn't want Mists to come too soon because I kind of enjoy the pre-expansion lull to get outside and do things or play other games, or finish up leveling that warlock, etc; especially with Summer coming.

But that 'A Night in Mists of Pandaria' really got to me. It got me really excited and after playing this game for 7 years that's kind of hard to do these days. Of special note from the article that make me want to play it NOW are listed here:


It sounds awesome. At this point I could take or leave pet battles but once I see it in action my mind could change on that. I've always only ever just dabbled in PvP but the game modes you're describing there sound interesing and fun and I'm definitely planning on getting in on some of that.

Overrall, great article. And thanks for continuing the great work you guys have been doing. Keep it up.
Yay! Things I write make people tingly.
Oh yes, so tingly.
It's a awesome way to put all this new information into something applicable! When I want to try to get across why I'm excited for MoP to friends, this is what I will (and already have, actually) reference.
The insight made me very anxious for MoP to be released but no rush Blizzard. :D
03/20/2012 09:40 AMPosted by Bashiok
Yay! Things I write make people tingly.

I tingled. It really was well-done, informative, and fun to read. It got the "pre-expansion excitement" blood flowin'.
That article was really the only thing that got me excited and I am glad it was written. :)
03/20/2012 09:40 AMPosted by Bashiok
Yay! Things I write make people tingly.

Despite the (and my) negativity on the forums about certain things, I just want to say I actually am looking forward to MoP as a whole.
I was really pleased with this as well. I learned simple things, like how I am glad I have a max scribe. Professions and other things sound sooo intreguing.
I am definetely excited about the things you talked about in the article.

Proving Grounds. They’re like lored-up solo instances that make trying out my rotations a lot more fun since I can chase achievements.

By accomplishing some of the outdoor PvP quests and objectives I can actually raise my weekly Conquest cap.

With the new factions and their currencies I can acquire Craftsman tokens to spend on vanity items like fun toys or pets, and with Elder tokens I can purchase new items, convert them to Valor, or purchase Charms of Good Fortune.

Building my historical library with the Lorewalker faction; and advancing my progress in the persistent sacred Vale of Eternal Blossoms by driving the Mogu out.

Finding some of the new mounts that are hidden around Pandaria.

Cultivating my garden and earning faction with the Tillers.

Caring for, hatching, training and eventually riding my own cloud serpent mount

Challenge mode run, which is where the coolest looking transmogrification set (IMO) for my class comes from.

I have all of the dungeons and raids at my disposal, and now that all of the raids are supported by the Raid Finder

Change in Raid Finder to per-player loot has made running random raids so much nicer without people fighting over rolls
I am excite for this as well, I don't understand why people think pets/farming ect don't belong in WoW, last time i checked we still farm, have pets and other crap while at war.
03/20/2012 09:40 AMPosted by Bashiok
Yay! Things I write make people tingly.

I expected something concrete out of it. LIKE how is arch being changed.

The last couple of paragraphs were bit cheesy imo..
Last time I spent a night with a MoP was in the Navy :) But, yes, I enjoyed it too!
I add myself as one of the excited people!

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