Bi-Weekly Meal Center

Wyrmrest Accord
Good turn out so far, especially for being my first event I think. Still another hour before I close the Meal Center. Next week's will be at Ironforge.
Ack! If I had known sooner, I definitely would have come with Eden's apron and..less than...noteworthy cooking skills...-cough-

But it doesn't take skill to show compassion to people. I'll try to keep it in mind for next week and be there, ready and raring to go!
:) Thank you, hope to see you next week.
Maybe I should bump this more often. And come up with the meals sooner :D

Oh... and don't worry my dwarven friends. The Ironforge coffee is named appropriately, it has whiskey in it.
*Pokes and runs*
Bump for Exodar RP!
*Nudges* Draenei like free food, right?
I think I'll change it to every other week.
Okay, it's happening this week for sure. Connection was fixed, though still not sure what caused those couple days of laaaag. Very sorry I had to cancel last week!
This is such a great idea. Supported and I may just have to drop my priest in and see what all the hub bub is about. Going to end up tacking this onto my guild homepage's server event listing.

Best of luck to you!
Sorry, ended it early tonight. So few came. Next time it'll be in Stormwind, maybe it'll pick back up again.
Okay, I have a list of the dates I'll be open now and I'll try to keep it always four in advance. I'll sort out what I'll be fixing up to serve tomorrow.
I procastinate too much.
So, I really don't know much about GHI and even less about TRP2. Do they work together? Like... can someone with TRP2, but no GHI still trade GHI items? I thought someone said that you could once, but then another time I couldn't.
Have a few people so far :) A good start!
To anyone who was there or intending to come Thursday I apologise for my sudden disappearance. An issue forced me off the game.
I think I may sign up my priest as a volunteer in the future. :/a She has a penchant for cooking, and what better way to put her skills to use than to feed the hungry?

However, she's limited to Stormwind and Ironforge for locations, because she's deathly afraid of boats/the ocean. :P
Darnassus is next sadly, but Ironforge will be the one after it so I hope to see you there!

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