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When I click to open the World of Warcraft Launcher it gives me the message "Blizzard Launcher must be in the same folder as a Blizzard game. Run Repair to get more information about this problem."

So I run Repair and it says "Repair is unable to find your World of Warcraft installation. Please run this Repair tool from you World of Warcraft Directory."

I don't know what that is or why it is doing this to me all of a sudden. I was on WoW just last night and it was working fine..

What should I do?
The folder that the Launcher resides is must be the folder named World of Warcraft. Inside that folder should be the following items:

Background Downloader
Blizzard Updater
Old Patches
World of Warcraft
World of Warcraft Launcher
World of Warcraft Repair
World of Warcraft-64

Underlined items are folders. Bolded items are optional and may not be present in your installation.

The default installation location for World of Warcraft is on your boot drive in the /Applications folder. It will be installed there by default unless you manually changed this during installation OR you moved it afterward.

If you cannot find the World of Warcraft folder, in the Finder press CMD-F to bring up the spotlight search window. By default it is set to "Search this Mac". In the search field type World of Warcraft and hit Enter. You should see only three or four Applications with that name in the list (One is the 32-bit client, one is the World of Warcraft Repair applicationone is the Launcher, and the last would be the 64-bit client if you manually installed it, under the name of World of Warcraft-64; you'll have five if you have the World of Warcraft digital download installer).

Right click the World of Warcraft application in the list and select Get Info. The resulting window will tell you what folder the game client is in. This is where you want to go next.

Once here, verify that the files listed above are present. If not, you'll need to reinstall World of Warcraft. If it is present and both the World of Warcraft Launcher and World of Warcraft Repair applications are present, go into the WTF folder and delete the file, along with the wow.mfil file inside the World of Warcraft folder, and the Cache folder that is inside the Data folder and relaunch the Launcher. Do not under any circumstances delete anything else inside the /World of Warcraft/Data/ folder other than the /Cache folder. Now let the Launcher do its thing and wait until it says World of Warcraft is up to date. This will take between five and thirty minutes to complete depending on whether or not anything needs to be downloaded.

If this fails to fix the problem, go into the following folder:


Delete any folder or file with the name "Blizzard" in it and reopen the Launcher, allowing it to complete.

If this still has not fixed the problem follow MachKhan's instructions in this thread:

A small portion of this will mirror what I've had you do already, but taking the steps I listed first will give you a solid attempt to preserve any preferences/addons you may have set up in World of Warcraft already.

Edit: Oops, accidentally left in my command line text file in the listing of files that should be in there when it shouldn't be in there unless you manually create your own (something 99.9% of WoW players should never do).
I had this same "error" message from both programs. Here's what I figured out, no thanks to Technical Support after waiting for days and days for them to respond to my Support Ticket.

For some unknown reason the icon titiled "WoW", the actual .exe executable program, was in a different World of Warcraft folder. This folder is the one that shows up when I click on my Start menu and is different than the one in my Hard Drive. Sounds complicated... but really it was the posting by Tiapriestess that lead me to take a detailed look. I simply copied the file from the one that appears on my Start menu into the more comprehensive looking folder that appears on my Hard Drive search screen. The more comprehensive list on my Hard Drive is under the folder C: program files (x86)/world of warcraft - then I used the launcher and logged on. This may or may not be the same problem, but considering the same errors were present for Youcoulddie's post this might be a solution. And no, I did not move the WoW program from the C: program files (x86) to the Start Menu... that happened on it's own somehow... GOOD LUCK

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