Disconnects near walls/terrain edges

Bug Report
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Dcing alot due to this bug in Eots today
Im FC and this sht is happening to me in RBGS. Lost a match and points might get kicked out of team WTF Blizz.
not to mention the dozens of times i have lost out on conquest points and honor points for DC'ing in BG's then logging back in only to find out i have been kicked out of the Bg with the deserter debuff ;(
Still on going issue, happned yesterday on my rogue in the tunnel in WSG.

The original thread I posted in the Tech support forums went to 10 pages before a blue locked it and said to post here in the Bug forums.

Yet to even get an acknowledgement from a blue on the "known" issue.
Please fix this.
Never had a problem with this DC bug until 4.3, then it started happening 2+ times a day. Had one day where it happend about a dozen times and it isn't my computer or internet.

Every time it is while I am turning or collide with a wall, like running figure 8s around the middle in the crypt arena and bump into a corner. Just had two losses in 2s because of that same spot in the crypt causing me to DC for 30 seconds.
Not sure whether its the same bug, but while farming thorium in Winterspring I got DCed several times when I hit an unclimbable hill.

It didn't happen every time, but sometimes I would hit a hill I couldn't climb while trying to reach a thorium vein and immediately disconnect.

It just happened in Silithus as well. Same thing. Ran into a ditch on my horse that I couldn't climb and BAM. Disconnect.
Happens to me all the time in every aspect of the game VERY annoying. Touch any wall or object and jump this will disconnect , run up the tomb on ruins and turn the camera disconnect.
Happened this weekend a few times, giving up on reporting anything though.
These issues drag on for months at a time, and don't appear to be a dev priority.
Still happening and so annoying --_--
Been happening alot lately as others described, pretty much anywhere and involving ledges or walls and jumping or movement abilities like charge or disengage... Lost arenas because of it. Would love a fix, this is one of the things Blizzard usually is really good about.
I've been noticing this happening to me quite a bit in the past few days. It has never happened before and it gets annoying in the middle of a battleground when you walk over a fence and disconnect.
Instant disconnect and ability to log right back in bug has happened to me several times in battlegrounds since the latest patch. Happens most often after jumping down from the Horde midfield graveyard in Twin Peaks (along the "wall" near the two trees). Happened last night in EOTS along the lower path of the middle land strip. Usually get disconnected 1-2 times each night this way in battlegrounds. Seems to occur near walls or edges. Hasn't happened in a raid or out in world yet.
03/20/2012 10:48 PMPosted by Gothian
It's blizzard's movement enforcement code. Since the code that dictates character movement is based on old spaghetti since before '04, they're too lazy to fix it so that bots can't teleport hack.

Had a feeling that my random dc issue had something to do with Blizzard's failed methods to stop bots. STOP inconveniencing your customers!!!
Issue is still happening, pretty much have to stay away from any sort of wall with the fear of being disconnected.
Patch 4.3.4 still getting this bug
I got DC'd simply trying to go through one of the portals in SW to Uldum. Also multiple times near walls in WV in TB.

This is getting bad.

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