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I log in to my account on or on my mobile device with the app and when I look at my account it shows four characters in my characters list which I have not had for over 6 years. When I log into the game these toons do not appear so I cannot delete them. I want them removed from my character list on but there are no options to remove them. The toons that display are;

cyntharia -14 - mage - korialstrasz
syntharia - 18 - rogue - korialstrasz
synnde - 15 - druid - korialstrasz
sintharia - 16 - paladin - korialstrasz

I submitted a ticket and was told by the GM who handled my request that he refreshed the database and they do not show there. That GM directed me to submit my report/request here. Please tell me how I can make these toons fully deleted and no longer show up on my character screen or in my app.
Forwarding these reports to an engineer.
Thelnaara, we're not seeing any conflicting data. Can you confirm for us if this is still a problem for you?
^ We'll take a look. However, I don't have an estimate on how long this could take.
I am having a issue seeing some of my characters as well in the Amory App under my characters associated with the account I am signing in with since transferring my toons during the reduced price weekend. The following are the ones not showing up on the app.

90 Hunter- Shaniquaxlx Realm: Darkspear
90 Warrior- Punisherxlx Realm: Darkspear
90 Rogue- Imacutterxlx Realm: Darkspear
85 DK- Necrowfeelya Realm: Darkspear
56 Shaman- Oprawindfiry Realm: Darkspear
55 Pally- Bublefett Realm: Darkspear

Thanks for all your help
Give this 24 hours and then try again. You'll also want to make certain you've logged in and then logged out of the characters to ensure you've cached your character's data on the web and mobile servers.

If it's not resolved by then, please let me know!
Similar issue. I recently realm transferred a character from Kargath to Area 52. The character I transferred still has not shown up on my character listing.

Will this be fixed in time automatically or do I need to make a formal request?

I realm transferred on Sunday August 11th. Kargath to Area 52. Character name is Planaris.

My character no longer shows on the mobile armory.

I realm transferred on Sunday August 11th. Kargath to Area 52. Character name is Planaris.

My character no longer shows on the mobile armory.


Have you logged into this character in WoW since transferring? Is the character also not showing up on the website?

What device model, OS version, and Mobile Armory version are you running?
My character was sucessfully transferred on Sunday the 11th. I was able to login to WoW on Sunday and play that character on the new realm. I have been traveling since Sunday evening and have not had the oppertunity to log into WoW since then.

My character is not showing up on the World of Warcraft website or on my mobile armory app.

Device - iPhone 4

OS Version - 6.1.3 (10B329)

Mobile Armory Version - 5.2.4

Character Name - Planaris

Realm - Area 52
It will take some time before a transferred character shows up on the website and Mobile Armory, but I can't imagine it taking this long. I see you in searches from both web & mobile. Can you check your My Characters list (in the app) again?
I have a lvl 1 human rogue on Illidan that I deleted at least a week ago, but it will not update with my lvl 4 orc hunter at all on Illidan... please help :(
I transferred this char (Djray-lvl 90 hunter) to moonguard about 3 weeks ago and have logged in and out many times since then but I still show as if I'm on my old realm (alexstrasza).
Hi, I've transferred this character from frostmourne to barthilas and renamed it from omnitrax to bantecks. I've been on it multiple times on Barth I was wondering if I could get it updated onto my mobile armoury account
Honestly just noticed i was including my own issue in a thread for mobile issues rather then website issues :S Sorry!
The wow armoury app is currently not showing any toon from the realm garrosh. Will this be fixed soon?
This character and the rest on Ravenholdt, all of which are active and have accessed mail or the AH this last week, do not show up on my character list.
If you haven't logged into the affected characters since they disappeared on the Mobile Armory, please log into World of Warcraft with them and then wait up to 24 hours. If they are still missing, please post here that you logged in, logged out, and waited but that they still are missing.

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