LFM <Herald of the titans>

Ive got a DS alt run to lead on Sat afternoon, so i wont be able to make it.
Hey Kelso, this is Van. After pushing to gear my Rogue up he's pretty well suited fro Herald. I see the run was moved to Saturday. I def cannot make that haha. If your thinking of running some other time in the future, let me know.
Tonight at 7pm pst I'll be running one last <herald of the titans>
We've had 2 successful runs so far.It got cancelled last night because too many people were MIA because of the holidays. it will be first come first serve more xp the better. were in current need of one tank 2 dps 1 heals. If you're interested please log into my server and send me and in game mail with your class spec and real id so i can get out invites about 15 minutes prior to raid time. I wont be on for a majority of the afternoon. should be home around 5:30~pst if you have any questions just send me and ingame mail and ill add you as soon as possible.
Ill be watchin Real ID for when you log in. Count me in.
just in need of one healer run starts in 20-30~ mins

thanks :)
If this is going to happen again sometime in the future, I am working on both healing and tanking sets. Definitely interested in this.

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