Holy Pally or Frost / Blood DK LF 3v3 and RBG

Shattered Hand
Holy Pally
So for my holy pally, mostly interested in TSG, PHDk, etc.

Frost / Blood DK

As for the RBGs, im looking for a consistent group. Mostly want to be frost dps on my DK, but willing to be a FC if needed. Working on a second set specifically for carrying next weekend. Availability would be Wednesday, Thursday, Sunday for right now but can talk about other days. Tuesdays will nvr be free since we clear 8/8HM DS on Tuesdays and usually takes up the whole night.

These toons have literally been geared over a 2 weekends of BGs and are ready to go.

Previous experience:
Frost Mage: 2200+ 3v3, 1900 RBG rating.
Resto druid: 2k 3v3, 1800 RBG rating.
^ Dont pvp on these anymore, but Siclos (druid) is my main so if you need to get ahold of me ingame, message me on Siclos.

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