Misted Legends (OOC chat/sign-ups/plot)(II)

World’s End Tavern: Role-play and Fan Fiction
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Brief Plot Summary:
Alliance and Horde end up on Pandaria, they must work together to survive, and hopefully unearth weapons of legend and lore spoken of by the Pandaren.

Slightly more in-depth plot summary:
It could only be considered destiny that the two ships departed from the two main continents of Azeroth that day. Stormwind and Orgimmar’s people waved as heroes and soldiers departed from their respective cities, searching for easy purchase of land to begin the clean-up that is now required after Deathwing’s demise. What they didn’t expect, was to run into each other. Natural enemies, both ships instantly opened fire, and the thick fog rolling in did nothing to deter their attacks. The fog became thicker, neither ship could be certain the casualties they, themselves suffered, much less whether or not they were still even hitting their targets. As it were, neither side could note the massive damage they had each suffered, and within an hour of attempting to steer the ships from the fog, it was clear the vessels weren’t going to make it. However, abandoning ship with this fog was out of the question; they could swim in circles for hours and not even realize it. A resounding crack will be the last thing either ship will hear, before both are swallowed by the roiling seas.
What survivors there are will wake on a new and strange island. They quickly realize that if they wish to survive, they will have to band together. So, grudgingly, the group complies and begins on their epic journey into the Mists of Pandaria. On their journey, they will meet strange, new humanoids, who will not only offer hospitality, but fancy them in their tales and legends.
Of course, Heroes can’t stay in a place for long before some sort of trouble brews, and they’re asked to provide their assistance. Helping their new-found friends will give the group the potential to find at least five new weapons of legend, and definitely a tale or two for when they return to the Eastern Kingdoms, or Kalimdor. ... If they return.

-I just want you to use common sense. Mary sues, godmodding and all of that other fun stuff will not be tolerated here, and if I see any of it, I’ll do everything in my power to have the post removed.
-I accept all levels of role-players, as long as everyone is actually trying to roleplay. If you’re a beginner and are a little choppy at first, I’d love to give constructive criticism (if you’re open to it, of course). I want to help others improve, and I would love it if others helped me improve in my role-playing.
-I do not expect you to give me an explanation as to why your character’s on the ship, although for curiosity’s sake, I wouldn’t mind it if you briefly mentioned it.
-I want fighting between the Alliance and the Horde. Sure, we just defeated Deathwing together, but there is still all of the tension from atrocities committed before (and likely after), and I doubt patriots from either side can easily forgive. Hopefully this tension will add an interesting spice to our little group.
-At least five new legendary weapons will be available to role-players. Only one person can have a certain weapon. For example, if I were to bring the Fangs of the Father into this, only one person could wield those daggers; I can’t have two doing it. Throughout the whole thread will be hints (both subtle and otherwise) that will indicate the potential to find a legendary weapon. Think of it like hide and go seek. Once the first clue is found, I’m confident that I’ll be able to spin the thread around so we can “complete” the weapon, and it can be relevant in the final bits of the role-play.
-I would also appreciate dedicated role-players. Someone who can, not only be able to help keep the plot moving, but also bring new things into it. Since I have (at least) three potentially “open” slots for a legendary weapon, you could even suggest something and either create, or allow me to create the weapon to be used in the thread. You also have to be active. I’d like it if everyone could post, at the very least, once a week. Quite frankly, once a day, or once every other day would be ideal, but I know that real life can, and will, get in the way of this. ((Sort of like how it did with me when I was trying to start this thread the first time. I’m not expecting perfection, since I’m far from it xP ))
-People can join the thread throughout the thread, as long as there is a legitimate excuse as to why you are there.
-Flying mounts will not be allowed on this journey. I know, it sucks, but it’s for the same reason there won’t be flying mounts in the game until level cap.
-No pasta on Tuesdays.

Quick Note: Yes, I did attempt to have this thread before, however due to my inactivity and otherwise unpreparedness, I am attempting it once more. Hopefully there will be more interest =)
Nicknames(s): (delete this section is they do not have one)
Age: (this section can be deleted if the age is unknown, such as in cases with draenei and forsaken)
Date of Birth: (again, this can be deleted if it is unknown)
Class Spec.(s): (I would like the new specs to be used. I.E. if you are a tank feral druid, you would be a “Guardian”
Build: (fat, skinny, curvy, etc)
General Appearance: (a quick paragraph or so to summarize. You can also include tattoos and scars in this section)
The Character
Personality: (short paragraph description)
Likes: (maximum of 5, minimum of 3)
Dislikes: (maximum of 5, minimum of 3)
Strengths: (maximum of 5, minimum of 3)
Weaknesses: (minimum of 3)
Fears: (minimum of 3)
History: (this can be incredibly brief)

Spouse/Significant Other:?
Pets, Companions, and Mounts: (I don’t need a list of every pet/companion you have, just what’s coming on the trip with you)
Notable Friends/Companions: (people who influenced your character or should be noted)

**Please note that the Extras is not required.**
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I) Trial by Sea
-The two ships depart (from Orgimmar and Stormwind)
-The two ships meet and open fire
-Fog rolls in
-Ships sink, lose consciousness
II) Reluctant Allegiances
-Wake on the shores of Pandaria
-Check for survivors
-Two separate groups (Horde and Alliance) off in different directions
-Turn of events
III) The Calm Before the Storm
-Meet the Jinyu and Pandaren
-Little bit of exploring
-Calm and happy
-Short tavern section
IV) A Hero Can’t Escape The Inevitable
-dungeons (Temple of the Red Crane, Jade Temple, Temple of the Tiger)
-the start of the Legendaries
V) Myth or Legend?
-back to town, hear legends
VI) Consequences
-Mozu and Mantid attack.
-Heroes must rise to the occasion
-Journey to Townlong Steppes and Dread Wastes
VII) Taint or Paint
-Back to town, what is going on?
VIII) When It Comes Down To It
-Back to Temple of the Red Crane
-Over come Sha? –epic final boss-
IX) What We Came Here To Do
Misted Legends.:. Legendary Weapons .:.

Shuǐ- Lóng, the Jaded Dragon
Weapon Type: Whip (DPS oriented)
Special Effects: Using this weapon in the water summons a serpentine dragon beast that both fights alongside you as a pet, and becomes a ride able mount in the water. (Speed increase by 500% in water.)
The Legend
Shuǐ- Lóng, the legendary water dragon of Pandaria, is said to still roam the beaches and rain forests, and sightings of this magnificent dragon have been reported from areas such as the Jaded Forest. It is said that over twenty-thousand years ago, Shuǐ- Lóng became locked in a vicious battle with Huǒ-Lì-Lóng, when his fire-counterpart attempted to claim a section of Shuǐ- Lóng’s forests. Though brothers, the two had never gotten along. This battle raged for days and days, Hozu scripts of old recount the events, though in rough detail. According to the scriptures, the battle had sounded as though the Titans themselves were pounding the mountains with steel hammers. After eight days, the constant sound simply ended. Until that moment, no one had been able to locate where the battle had taken place, but scouts quickly found the ravaged area. Dark red dragon blood littered the ground for miles and miles, along with torn scales, tooth, and bone matter. Though no one knows what truly happened those eight days, legend tells of how during day seven, Huǒ-Lì-Lóng delivered a blow so powerful to Shuǐ- Lóng’s tail, that a large portion of it fell off and was lost in the ancient forests. Of course, it is all nothing but legend.
Or is it? Creating Shuǐ- Lóng, the Jaded Dragon will take much time, patience, commitment, and skill. Not to mention luck. No one had made it before, clearly, but it has been in Pandaren lore and prophecies for years. This weapon was to be forged of the severed tail of Shuǐ- Lóng, into a weapon that the world of Azeroth has forgotten with the passing of time. What type of weapon, no one truly knows; however a weapons master will briefly mention a hidden city beneath the ground, and that, perhaps, there would be depictions sealed away below.

Twisted Shirken of Shae-Leungo
Weapon Type: Thrown
Special Effects: Activates the power of Shae-Leungo, summoning a shade of the him to fight alongside the wielder. Summoning the shade also grants the wielder access to Shae-Leungo’s every thought and memory; the wielder becomes a knowledgeable master in the art of weaponry.
The Legend
Shae-Leungo was a great Hozu warrior who lived over three hundred years ago. He was well known as the best weapons master, and with his passing, his name became legend. Before he passed, it is said that he created a recipe for a weapon that was said to be able to decapitate ten stationary Hozu, and still have enough power to mangle the very mountains that Shae-Leungo had made home. The only absolute lead on the location of this recipe was Shae-Leungo’s apprentice, Chon, who was allegedly murdered twenty years ago in a desperate attempt by a Mantid to find the recipe.
Shae-Leungo huffed, closing his eyes and deeply inhaling the chilly mountain air. His hands flexed, testing the leathery parchment paper. The thicker ink on the parchment was still wet, though the elderly weapons master cared little about the dark stains on his hands. It was his time. Taking another deep inhale, Shae-Leungo enjoyed what would be one of his last breaths of this life. His small eyes opened to gaze upon the serene sight before him. In the valley far below, a crane took flight. From this distance, the bird was a slim twig, gradually quivering until it rose higher into the air and disappeared in a thick cloud.
”Are you ready?” His booming voice echoed in the mountains, almost a whisper by the time it came back to his ears.
“I believe so, Master.” Shae-Leungo nodded, walking over to the funeral pyre he had laid himself. His fingers gently crimpled dried herbs that littered the cot until they fell.
”Then it is time.” He felt weak, on the verge of slipping away, but fear didn’t touch him. Many times he should have gone to the cold embrace of death, but every time he had managed to elude it. Now he welcomed its coming. The heavy presence pushed heavily against his shoulders, weighing him down. By now his usually smooth breath came to him labourously, sounding ragged even to his young apprentice’s ears. ”Y-you know what to do, correct?” He panted; it was difficult to breath now. Suddenly the high altitude was a hindrance where it once was a welcome relief.
Chon nodded, already drawing the runes along the pyre. He drew a small scalpel, ignoring the older man’s condition as he began to carve steadily into the larger Hozu’s chest.

By the time the ritual was complete, Shae-Leungo’s body was long cold, the blood on his chest peeling into dark brown flakes. The pyre was coated in runes, similar to the large rune on Shae-Leungo’s chest. Touching the center of the rune –the heart chakra- Chon stepped back as a strange red light encompassed the rune, spreading over the dead Hozu’s body, and to the runes on the pyre. When the initial shock wore off, he placed the parchment upon the pyre, allowing the red glow to leak into it until it faded. Eyeing it uncertainly, he struck a match, and stood back as the dry wood exploded into flame. It quickly grew, engulfing the body, and soon the parchment resting on his chest.

Two days later, Chon returned to the pyre. Atop a charred bundle of bones lay the untouched parchment. He picked it up, laying his eyes upon the complex designs and surprisingly delicate hand writing of his deceased Master. A beautiful set of shirken were depicted, designed to rest against each other and take the shape of Shae-Leungo’s personal brand. The blades curved gently, looping together in a complex manner until they resembled something of a tear drop. On the back, etched faintly beneath a symbol similar to the ying-yang, was a short scripture, giving instructions on how to activate the parchment to release Shae-Leungo’s spirit and seal it into the weapons.
Rolling the parchment tightly, Chon returned to the house left to him, and continued on to the basement chambers...

Not only will the maker and future wielder of this weapon have to find the recipe, but also the unique and special items that must be used to forge them. It will require a focused will power and careful attention to complete. Once completed, a complex ritual will have to be performed to activate the shirken, wherein the weapons will be imbued with their full potential and power.
Name: Dristis Octavian
Nicknames(s): Dris, Drip, or Octavius
Age: 24 at time of death.
Class:Death Knight
Class Spec.(s): Frost Wielder, harnesses the power of Frost spells as his main means of attack, but is well versed in those of Blood and Unholy.
Professions: Engineer and Jewelcrafter
Hometown: Stratholme, Lordaeron.
Hair: Black, very short and tight mohawk.
Eyes: Blue flame
Height: 5'10
Build: (fat, skinny, curvy, etc) Slim (think blood elf) yet muscular, much as a swimmer.
General Appearance: (a quick paragraph or so to summarize. You can also include tattoos and scars in this section) One of each rune is tattooed onto his forearms, and has Elven runes covering his torso. Scar from right center of the eyebrow straight down to cheek, and a thick horizontal scar running across his throat from jugular to jugular. Armor is that in picture, and he carries a long slender glaive, the blade end has one jagged serrated side, and one smooth blade side. The opposite side of the pole is a jagged, speared tip. On his mount he has a two-handed sword, the blade similar to that of his Glaives, only longer. His mount is a Death Steed, red flames for eyes, hooves and tail and donning spiked, maroon and black armor. Gloves have five inch long spring loaded blades that eject when he punches.
The Character
Personality: (short paragraph description): Timid, at first. He gives out very little trust in the beginning, but if his trust is fully earned, he is fiercely loyal. He cannot talk for very long as his vocal cords were damaged when his throat was cut. He has to take frequent speaking breaks.
Likes: (maximum of 5, minimum of 3) Meditation, Astronomy, weapons, reading
Dislikes: (maximum of 5, minimum of 3) Disrespect, rudeness, and weakness.
Strengths: (maximum of 5, minimum of 3) Strong and fast, intelligent, quick thinking, agile
Weaknesses: (minimum of 3) Holy magic (For obvious reasons), Saronite, women (In a chivalrous sense)
Fears: (minimum of 3) Saronite deposits, having a family and losing it again, disappointing his father
History: (this can be incredibly brief) Paladin of the Silver Hand like his father, fought the initial uprising of the Scourge, which caused his wife and child to be killed. Discovering their bodies, he didn't want to run the risk of them rising back, so he removed their heads. The grief stricken Paladin went on a hell bent revenge quest to kill as many Scourge as he could. Soon overrun, he was knocked out and taken a Lich, who admired his will to fight, ordering two death knights to dispatch of him, they slit his throat. He was taken to Archerus and brought back as a death knight a few weeks later. Took part in the sacking of New Avalon and the Battle of Light's Hope Chapel. He sided with Darion Mograine in revolt against the Lich King, and aligned with the Knights of the Ebon Blade. He took out mercenary work on the side.

Spouse/Significant Other: Deceased, but memories are still there.
Children: Same as above
Parents:Same as above
Pets, Companions, and Mounts: A small Shepherd puppy, Caesar, who he adopted after finding it abandonded and malnourished in Elwynn Forest. His mount, Victor, the Death Steed, as was described above.
Notable Friends/Companions: Close with Darion Mograine, though nowadays he usually stays to himself.
BasicsName: Malbas. Nickname: Mal
Age: 31 (died at 31. He's not sure how old he is now.)
Date of Birth: doesnt remember
Class: Death knight
Class Spec.(s): Blood(hes a tank)
Professions: He is well versed in first aid and enchanting
Hometown: Pyreweood village
Appearance:He has the usual blazing blue eyes of a death knight. He is about 7"8 and has a small white beard on his chin. He is always in worgen form, now not feeling all that comfortable in his human form. Malbas has dark gray fur and three long scars over his chest, that look like they came from claws.
Hair: Dark grey and a white small beard
Eyes: Blazing blue
Height: 7"8
Build: Large and muscled. Not grossly so but the average build of a worgen but a bit bigger.
General Appearance: He is usually seen in pure black plate armor that has glowing red spots on it on the shoulders, knees and the center of his chest. He has a helm made to fit perfecly over his head molding to his wolf like head. The helm causes his glowing blue eyes to blaze through the eye slits making the them glow with the icy shine. The helm has two holes on the side allowing his ears to poke out and a small hole and the the snouts end allowing his nose to smell anything. He carries a large greatsword that glows slightly red from runes giving it the ability to literally suck the life from a dying enemy.
The CharacterPersonality: Malbas is usually very secluded and lost in his thoughts. He gets images and flashes of his life from before he was killed every once in awhile causing sever headaches. Malbas is friendly once he lets someone in but it takes awhile for him to trust anybody due to the general hatred of death knights. He's a bit of a romantic and can feel others emotions if their strong enough.
Likes: Malbas is a lover of music and knows many songs, and has a gruff but deep and resonating singing voice he'll use whenever he thinks he's alone. He's also prone to howling in a melodic tune when its late and he thinks hes alone.
Dislikes: Malbas hates it when people ask too many questions about him as he doesnt always have an answer. He also hates when people start to talk about him behind his back as he can hear them with his wolf like hearing.
Strengths: Malbas, just like any other death knight, is strong. He can withstand immense pain and fights with a ferocity like a wild animal. Malbas can fight for hours, even days if needed, but has a tendency to show no mercy, even after battle. He doesnt feel like his enemies should live to try and kill him another day.
Weaknesses: Malbas has very sensitive hearing so a loud and shrill sound will leave him writhing in pain and the images and flashes of memories can appear to him during a battle and make him drop his guard.
Fears: He is only truly afraid of two things. One is a fear that he had in life, hieghts. He hates the idea of flying and gets queasy when too high up. His other fear was one he gained in undeath. The fear of becoming what everyone calls him, a monster.
History: He was once a citizen of Pyrewood that was cursed by Arugal. He once tried to escape and did but as soon as he made it into the woods a squad of Scourge found him and he was killed. The lich who was part of the group saw promise in him so his body was ressurected by the lich and served Arthas in undeath. When Arthas fell Malbas was freed from servatude and went out on his own to try and right the wrongs he did while under the lich kings control.
Spouse/Significant Other: None
Children: None
Parents: None
Pets: None
Companions, and Mounts: He has a deathcharger but usually runs on all fours.
Notable Friends/Companions: None
Dristris, accepted.
Malbas, accepted.

I'll have my own character's applications up in a little bit. I may or may not have an IC post for you guys by tonight. It depends xD
I think I was in your previous attempt at this cant remember for sure:/ but just in case I wasn't I will ask this question. Could a neutral Druid of the Cenarion Circle come along, again if I was in your last thread of this dont know if you remember me if I wasnt I want to ask this question:P
((sorry for changing him, but he wasint very lore correct. So i changed his persona a bit.))Name: Axi'zan
Nickname: "Axe" "Axias"
Age: 34
Class: Rouge
Class Spec: Assassination
Professions: Herbalism, Alchemy
Hometown: Ogrimmar

Apperance (I'm not very good at describing my own person, but here we go)
Hair: Brownish
Eyes: Blue
Height: 6.7
Build: Muscular, but yet skinny enough to be able to sneak
General Apperance: A tall well built troll, obviously from the scars across his arms, used to
battle. His face is nearly always in a permenant grimace, as if in pain. It is usaully hard to see him, as he stays in the darkest parts.

The Character:
Personallity: Axias is a loner. He trusts almost no one. As most of his race has a hate for blood elves and most of the alliance. Out of battle axias is the quiet type. But while in battle he is blood thirsty, perfering if possible, to take his enemy down in th most painfull way possible.

Likes: Daggers, Quiet, Birdcalls.
Dislikes: He dislikes it when people try to force him into a conversation.
He Dislikes scourge + deathknights
He dislikes the blood elves, he thinks them to arrogant.
When needed, Axias can be incredibly silent, approaching the enemy from behind without him/ her noticing.
Axias has a high tolerance to Beer/ Mead / Wine. And can take more then most can.
Axias is incredibly talented with his daggers, able to get to any joint in the armor.

Axias, due to his years of Assassination, is not a good frontal fighter, and does not stand a chance against experienced fighters.
Axias Does not trust the DeathKnights. And believes almost anyone over them.
Finally, Axias has a bad sense of smell, not being able to smell certain scents that could tell him of the presence of an enemy.

Axias fears the fall of the horde.
Axias Fears failure, (and he will attempt to stop it, at nearly any cost)
Finally, Axias fears becoming undead.

History: Axias fought in Northrend, and since then he has had a strong dislike of the deathknights he always clutches his weapon when around deathknights. After Northrend, Axias went back to his hometown he realized that a life of peace and pure quiet was not for him. The cry of battle called for him. So one day he left, to search his fortune.
Name: Sarinda Duskclouder
Age: 25
Date of birth: Unknown
Class: Priest
Class spec: Holy(is a healer)
Professions: Good at archeology and First aid
Hometown: Stormwind
Hair: Dark blonde that goes to her shoulders evven if she wears her cloak hood.
Eyes: Ocean blue
height: 6 foot
Build: skinny for human standards
General apppearance: just look at this chracters screen and add a white cloak with a hood.
Personality: Sarinda is very determined when she has something occupying her mind but when she is out of combat or not helping someone she is very shy around others. She would rather her die then one of her companions in a fight.
Likes: Loves to read books. Likes to write in her journal. Is a very talented singer and if someone plays music of a song she knows she will start to sing.
Dislikes: hates the war between the alliance and horde. Hates when people are rude to people who dont deserve it. hates when there is fights for no good reason.
Strengths: Sarinda has been studying and using the light for half of her life so she can weild it effectifly to heal allies or to harm enemies. Sarinda is always positive in a fight even if they are losing.
Weaknesses: her shyness may strike at horrible times, She can run out of energy in long fights, Sometimes her caring for others safety more then hers can get her in trouble.
Fears: That the war will destroy azeroth. That the light may abandon her at some time. And always fears that she can die at any time.
History: Born in stormwind to an average family. Sarinda had a knack for helping injured people in some way. When she was 13 she was seen by a priest when she did a very weak healing spell to mend a persons sprang ankle. He brought him in has his apprentice to learn the ways of the light. she now has seen many wars and helped alot of people across azeroth.
Spouse/signifigant other:None
Companions and mounts: She has a black nightsaber that she named shadow, and has a little drakkari troll statue that she found in an achealogical dig.
Notable friends/companions: Her old mentor, Adrian starfury.
(that was alot of info :P)
@Sammuroth: Yes, a neutral druid such as a druid from the Cenarion Circle would be allowed on this trip. I have a feeling that they, along with the Earthen Ring are actually leading it, considering how much they helped at the World Tree when Deathwing attacked Thrall directly. And yes, you were in my last thread for this =P. As for which boat to go on, while the Cenarion Circle is neutral, I advise going on the Alliance ship for your night elf, simply because of the natural tendencies that each faction has to be rude to the opposite faction.
Of course, if you're interested in some fun conflict, I'm all up for you going on the Orgimmar ship.

@Axias: You are accepted =) Welcome to the team

@Sarinda: You are also accepted. Welcome to the team xD

I'm going to start my own applications now, but considering the hour, I may have to finish it tomorrow at school, along with the actual IC thread. Thanks for the patience guys! =)
Ok I hope you remember my druids particular "problem" but I will post my sign up soon:3
lol, yes, I do. And no problem. I might not get around to officially accepting it til tomorrow, but I'm pretty sure you'll be accepted xD.

Edit: Oh yes, and I've also updated the shirken description. Had it done for a while, but since it was on my laptop I hadn't actually posted it. ... I might end up needing to have a few in the middle of the applications if they're going to be this long xD Last time I'd reserved 5 slots for weapons, however I never actually got around to posting them, so it looked stupid. =P
Name: Sammuroth Stormfury

Age: (this section can be deleted if the age is unknown, such as in cases with draenei and forsaken) 10,100

Date of Birth: (again, this can be deleted if it is unknown) 100 years before the War of the Ancients


Class Spec.(s): (I would like the new specs to be used. I.E. if you are a tank feral druid, you would be a “Guardian”) Feral

Professions: None

Hometown: Zin'Azshari

Hair: white
Eyes: Amber
Height: 3'6"
Build: (fat, skinny, curvy, etc) Feline

General Appearance: (a quick paragraph or so to summarize. You can also include tattoos and scars in this section) Sammuroth stands at 3'6" on all fours, he has smooth white fur, Amber eyes, and a lean muscular Feline body that gives him incredible leaping ability. He wears four anklets that increase the power and duration of his Barkskin ability.

The CharacterPersonality: (short paragraph description) Sammuroth is kind and considerate of others, quick to help and slow to anger. Shy and distant around women, due to his past action of killing his beloved sister. Generally peaceful when forced into battle he is fierce, as of late his feral instincts continue to push their way to the forefront of his personality when he senses battle is immeninent.

Likes: (maximum of 5, minimum of 3) Nature, His friends, Peace, Training

Dislikes: (maximum of 5, minimum of 3) War, Harming of Nature, His curse

Strengths: (maximum of 5, minimum of 3) Strategy, Stealth, Killing quietly( Assassination), Quickness

Weaknesses: (minimum of 3) His curse, Shyness around women, His feral instincts

Fears: (minimum of 3) Never finding a way to break his curse, being alone (meaning family spouse, children etc.), Failing his comrades

History: (this can be incredibly brief) Born 100 years before The War of the Ancients into a family of High Born Sorcerors. When he came of age rather than study magic he studied the sword where he excelled. When the Burning Legion arrived through the Well of Eternity rather than help his Queen and his parents, he fled Zin' Azshari after killing his family. After the War he began studying druidism, having ingested a small amount of tainted demon blood which left a permanent mark on his soul that which was not revealed until he mastered the Cat Transformation. The blood cursed him to remain in that form. He is a veteran of many Wars and he now travels Azeroth searching for a cure to his curse and helping those in need along the way.

Spouse/Significant Other:none



Pets, Companions, and Mounts: (I don’t need a list of every pet/companion you have, just what’s coming on the trip with you) none

Notable Friends/Companions: (people who influenced your character or should be noted)
His sister Moriana
Name: Daedhel Dawnstrider
Nicknames(s): Dae, Cana(if her real name is given)
Age: 68 (looks 20s)
Class: Rogue
Class Spec.(s): Subtlety
Professions: Scribe(Inscription) Herbalist, Cook
Hometown: Silvermoon City


Hair: Bright Red shoulder length
Eyes: Fel Green
Height: 5' 4"
Build: Skinny

General Appearance: Dae is average height for a blood elf standing roughly 5'4" her body is thin and agile allow her superiority in her field. Her red hair when not covered falls around her shoulders. Her face has a medium sized scar running down her right temple, aside from this her face, when seen, is normal for her species. Faded scars run along her arms leading to fresher ones one her hands caused by recent mistakes in her line of work, whether they were accidental or intentional is anyones guess.

The Character

Personality: Generally Dae is a tad of a trouble maker, she enjoy's picking arguments, especially with drunked bar patrons, she has a clear disrespect for authority and will go out of her way to make guardsmen's lives miserable. Her biggest quirk comes when the words "Well guarded" "Inescapable" and any such synonyms are used, these are viewed by her as a personal challenge. In combat however, her personality changes, she becomes a cold calculating killer as she was trained to do.

Likes: Gold, "Impossible" heists, making guards lives miserable, Nettlefish.

Dislikes: Pious fools, having to escape incarceration, burnt food, not getting paid.

Strengths: Exceptional cook and scribe, picklocking, pickpocketing

Weaknesses: Over complicating things, cannot fight for long periods of time, untrusting

Fears: Seeing unnecessary death, facing her past, trusting too much only to be betrayed.

History: Dae grew up in a low ranking noble house in Silvermoon, she was the only known survivor of her family after the scourge invasion. She fell into depression which ended in the death of a Horde ambassador, this gained the notice of the rouges of murder row who decided to take her in and train her. She trained in Silvermoon for 6 years, before traveling to Ravenholt in hopes of joining the elite ranks among the Thieves, after the shattering Dae left Ravenholt and began working as a Freelance thief, stealing anything of value and selling it off the the highest bidder.

Spouse/Significant Other:? Deceased
Children:? none
Parents:? Deceased
Pets, Companions, and Mounts: None
Notable Friends/Companions: (people who influenced your character or should be noted)

Tamlen, works as her liasion of sorts, passing contracts and other opportunities on to Dae, aided her after she left Murder row.

Duvain, her deceased love, helped her move on from her families death.

Her sisters: Arthien, Seranien, and Taliel (All assumed dead)

I thinks that's everything. I did notice there's nothing for weapons/armor are those not going to be a factor?
Name: Laviette Endal’dracon
Nicknames(s): Lav, Lavie
Age: About 320, but who’s counting at this point?
Class: Druid
Class Spec.(s): Guardian/Feral
Professions: Skinning and mining
Hometown: Auberdine (even if it’s destroyed, it’s still what she considers ‘home’)
Hair: White, cut relatively short by night elf standards, but could otherwise be considered a ‘medium’ length. Considering its thicker nature, she tends to tie part of it back in a pony tail, but leaves the rest to hang and frame her face.
Eyes: As is common with night elves, Laviette has silvery eyes that glow, particularly at night. There is the slightest traces of gold –an indication of her affinity towards druidism- but it generally goes unnoticed, even by herself.
Height: 5’10” –only slightly below the average height for night elf women
Build: Living most of her life in the forests and climbing trees, Laviette’s quite lean. Of course, her muscle grew much more when she took to the feral and particularly guardian aspects of druidism, but she still retains that lanky appearance that is common to her kind. As with most night elves, Laviette is built for nature, and it’s clear that unless you’re a troll or worgen, it’s going to be extremely difficult to beat her in a race through the woods.
General Appearance: Laviette doesn’t particularly stand out from any other night elf women; save for her hair, which could be considered a rare colour. There’s nothing really out of the ordinary about this night elf. Along her cheeks and forehead run her tattoos, the crane, resembling balance. Many scars dapple her body, a result of battling Azeroth’s many fiends and villains, and most of the time in great quantities at a time. The one that should be taken to note, however, is a large twisting scar that runs diagonally across her otherwise smooth stomach. It is this particular scar that had almost lead to her death what seemed like ages ago during Malygos’ insanity. Like the large claw it was given to her with, it curves downwards from the bottom of her right rib, to her left pelvic bone.
The Character
Personality: While Laviette has been on this earth long enough to have adapted the passive and unyielding personality that most night elves seem to exude, she hasn’t quite mastered the detached and withdrawn facade that her brethren frequent. Lav is quite passionate about those that she cares for, and those things that she care about. There are moments that she can seem unyielding to emotion, but it only truly takes a soft jab at something she believes in to set her off like a fire cracker.
She loves adventure –the thing that stole her away from her hometown- and enjoys exploring whatever land she can land her feet on, whatever air she can spread her wings, and the very depths of the ocean to the shallows of a pond with a flick of her tail fin.
Of course, she also has her incredibly negative flaws. While she hasn’t been able to remain as passive as others of her race, she does hold true to their arrogance and ignorance. She often looks down upon the shorter living races, and feels as though their knowledge can never possibly surpass her own. At times she can be quite close-minded, and she’s extremely distrustful of many races –particularly orcs, forsaken, blood elves, humans, dwarves, goblins, and gnomes- due to past discrepancies. That’s not to say that she can’t trust them, but that it would take a lot more for her to be able to trust them compared to other races.
Likes: life, dragons, adventure, special events, protecting those she has been sent to protect –particularly her loved ones
Dislikes: death and loss, deforestation and misuse of nature, demons and undead, disappointment
Strengths: -Laviette would definitely like to think that one of her strengths would be druidism, however the truth is, she can really only be considered ‘good’ at the guardian aspect of it, and even that sparingly so in some cases.
-While she isn’t as old as many night elves, she still is quite elderly compared to most races, and as such, is wise in a select few matters
-Adventuring, exploring, and mining have given her a knack for knowing the land, and how the earth works
-It could be considered a feat of strength, her will to explore. It has helped shape her, both physically and personally, and while she can be ignorant and arrogant, Laviette is more tolerable than the night elves who choose to keep exclusively to their own kind, and refuse to leave night elf areas such as Darnassus.
Weaknesses: -“Keeping her cool” in situations that affect her beliefs and those she cares for.
-On the flip side of being an excellent guardian and feral druid, Laviette seriously lacks healing and ‘balance’ abilities.
-Her ignorance leaves her blindsided to many of the positives of shorter-lived races.
-Due to the deep scar running along her torso, Laviette is frequently subject to sharp muscle cramps along her stomach, and depending on the severity, these can temporarily put her out of commission.
-Oh yeah, and she’s a terrible cook.
Fears:-Death and loss. It is there reason she dislikes it so much. Not just because she has been charged to protect life, but perhaps it is the reminder of her mortality. Night elves once were immortal, and their long life spans can even leave Lav in ignorant bliss that she may live forever, however especially after the cataclysm, and the loss of her home, Laviette has been terrified by the prospect of more loss and death, not just for herself, but for those she’s attached to.
-Solitude and loneliness. Even though she’s a traveler, and was alone for most of it, Laviette is scared of this. If she secludes herself from society and people, then who will miss her when she passes? Of course, after meeting Althmyst, that loneliness was quelled for the most part, and she feels much more comfortable with her drake companion.
-Being forgotten. She doesn’t want to be another soldier left to rot on the field, she wants her life to have meant something.
-The Scourge and the Burning Legion. She’s had to fight them before, and each time, Azeroth won by inches against them. If they came back in unison, at the same fighting force they had been in the first place, she worries that the citizens of Azeroth won’t survive. And she knows, especially through night elf lore, that Sergeras is not finished with them yet.
-Sithilids and qiraji. This is more of a hatred than a fear, but she lost both of her parents in the battle of the Shifting Sands.
She was born in Auberdine, and though it was rare for women, showed a particular affinity for druidism. She wasn’t necessarily looked down upon for it, however her practises of the art were rather unorthodox, and considering the night elves history and culture, it wasn’t entirely accepted. She was still relatively fresh in the ways of the druid when she left home to explore. First was the –then new- tree of Teldrassil, and the new city of Darnassus, and from there her adventures expanded throughout Azeroth, then to the soils of the ravaged Draenor, better known to Azerothians as the Outlands. From there, it was the frigid Northern wastelands in the aptly named ‘Northrend’.
In Dragonblight she met her first dragon, and suddenly the stories that had been told to her as a child about the dragonflights became real. She fought against the insane blue dragonflight, however before the final battle against Malygos, Laviette was severely injured. If it weren’t for her drake companion, Althmyst –the drake assigned to her for the battle, and the drake who she had fought with in both Coldarra and at Wyrmrest Temple- then she would have died. By all accounts, she should have died by the fetal blow to her torso; however once Malygos was defeated, Laviette’s ravaged body was brought before the Dragonqueen. After being healed, Laviette was to make a promise to Alexstrasza. In exchange for her life, she was to do everything in her power, to any extent, what she could to protect life –both on Azeroth and elsewhere.
Spouse/Significant Other: N/A
Children: N/A
Parents: Both deceased.
Companions and Mounts: Kurenai, her snowy griffon; Eljion, her mistsaber; and, of course, Althmyst, her red drake.
Notable Friends/Companions: Althmystrasza (Althmyst) is her best friend, travel companion, and in some cases mentor.
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