Blazing Drakes, Who we are.

Aerie Peak
<Blazing Drakes> is now recruiting, We're a massively growing level 70 twink guild, we run multiple Guild Heroics and Pre-made BG's daily. We raid 5 times a week with all 70's, 75g repair limit, 6 bank tabs and so much more.
All day long, we have members working endlessly to cap their BC reputations, gear up, and prepare for the next raid.
Each time we raid, we all hop in vent and I explain the BC encounters to players in a simple layout, making raiding efficient, easy, and fun!

*We refuse to be Carried*
In our guild, we aren't run by level 85's in raids.
For one, it's not fun dying because the 85's move too fast.
For another, wheres the challenge... Did you really earn your gear?

In Blazing Drakes. You will experience BC content at its finest.

Send me, or any other Drake an In-game whisper to join us.
It's a decision that you wont ever regret.
Bump i really like this guild allot and its a really fun guild we are always doing some thing. and all the player s in the guild are very nice ppl they will help u with any thing u might need either it is gear gems enchants or questing or even arena's.

and it dose not matter if u are not 70 yet we will help u lvl and help u get geared

we do all the bc raids,dungeon's, and quest lines etc

and so far this is the best guild ive ever been in out of all my twinks and mains ive never seen so many helpful ppl in wow that and most 70 guilds that ive seen raid with ppl over 70 but we dont we want it to be just like it was back in bc but u can still gem and enchant what u want and if u are looking for a 70 twink guild or even thinking of 70 twinking just logg into aerie peak and come talk to me or bas or any one that might be online about it we welcome all 70 twinks with open arms
This is a really nice group of players. My guild raids with them weekly as 70 twinks and we have a great time. Awesome leadership, fun atmosphere, challenging content, and fair loot rules. Definitely a good place for your twink. :)
I feel obligated to start off with a quote from your original thread that I posted earlier this week. No, I am not going simply forget this and let this go.
Bumping this thread, this guild is pretty legit.

As a matter of fact, they are so legit, that two of the members (one of them proudly stating and logging over/proving he was ßasilisk) himself decided to come over to Kel'Thuzad, join my guild (who invites anyone, we're pretty laid back) and spend about 30 minutes bashing the guild. Not many people were online in it, luckily, so I kept him in just to see how long he'd go and what he had to say.

He basically went on and on very explicitly spamming guild chat saying how terrible the guild was, especially me. He explained to me how he was 2600 current rating in 2s on his paladin and was 80-1 wlr, and how I'd never reach his level of skill. It was ~2AM, so I figured he had just mistyped his 1600 rating and his win loss ratio (both of which I could care less about).

He continued to say how he had already taken over 16 guild members from me and they had transferred over. Now, unfortunately, it was only until last month that we even had over 16 members so I feel he may have also mistyped the number "1", as we've gone from 7 members in the guild to 42. A rogue in my guild who strictly pve's, (I thought he was a cool guy, but he was the one who invited this dude and ßasilisk claimed they were in vent, which was also later proved) went on to leave the guild have this incident had occurred.

He bashed me a little bit longer. I learned a lot of really important stuff about myself this night courtesy of him, as a matter of fact. I am !@#$%^-*!@, I am 1400 rated and I have bought any ratings I achieved, and I am the equivalent to Joseph Kony but in World of Warcraft. I suppose I have a lot to think about.

Anyways, I just want to thank this classy gentlemen on personally coming over to KT (still for some god unknown reason, I had no idea who this dude was until now. I'm going to assume he's just a kindhearted guy and was willing to take the time to donate his advice) and informing me on all my flaws. I can personally advocate to how caring this guild master is for others and for their improvement, as he will mercilessly bash you until you take a good look at yourself and change.

I, for one, feel as if I have been touched by god himself.

-Crinkleberry, GM of The Juice is Loose (casual 70 twink/leveling/pvp community).

Now I'm going to start off with saying how much of a joke you are as a GM. At around 2 AM, when no one is on, you come into my guild and spend around an hour of your own time (75% of which I wasn't even tabbed into WoW) with your buddy (sices) and bash me/the guild in some of the most broken English I have ever seen. At first I thought you were just trolling, as I've never seen anyone actually utilize then english language as poorly as you two did then, but after you stayed around and constantly whined for around 30 minutes I realized you were serious.

Truth be told, I was doing some arena and had to stop because I was laughing too hard. I couldn't believe that some random troglodyte's had actually some how found their way into my guild. I greeted them warmly, because I thought that the last troglodyte's had gone extinct millions of years ago. This was a major scientific discovery.

Anyways, my guild does not raid. Period. It is a total joke, and the only thing with any competitiveness left what-so-ever at 70 is arena. That is my next point.

70 gear and stats is so inflated and easy to get that running a full 25 man sunwell with all 70s is the equivalent to 10 manning heroic Grim Batol in full BiS Dragon Soul gear. Ever hear of the guild "Moth Squad"? If yes, then you'll know that they 9 manned sunwell with full 70s. If no, then you just learned that sunwell can be 9 manned. "Earning gear/challenge" my !@#.

Finally, I find it funny how you act like some 70 saints and act like your guild is a haven when you have some of the most immature leadership I have ever seen in my entire life. I don't know you AT ALL, I have no idea how you even got word of my guild, yet you found the need to come over to a different server just to bash it on false claims with your horribly broken English. I remember it so clearly, you said "Lol whuat is yuor progression Even??" and I said "We don't raid." And you went on for around 25 minutes bragging about being able to clear hyjal.

What kind of guild leader does that? Is that a person anyone really wants to be led by? Not only that, but these dudes act like they're the best twinking guild around. Let me tell you, no one who is remotely serious about twinking even acknowledges the existence of these idiots.

If you're going to join a horde guild that invites anyone and that is legitimately awesome, join Battlemasters on Alter of Storms.

Hey bob, can you help me with getting someone to remove these forum posts?
He wont leave me alone.
ROFL crink get a life man u come on fourms on our post talking !@#$ making %^-* up just cuz one of ur players left ur guild cuz ur's is a pos i mean rly who the !@#$ makes there guildies pay to run with there own guild and wat %^-*ing 70 twink guild get's carried by 85's? i mean clearly all u are doing is acting like ur 8 i mean kid its time to grow up and stop being a baby back !@#$% and maybe when u wise up and stop talking ^-*! to ppl maybe then u wont lose ppl to other twink guilds. no one is going to listen to u at this point we are going to /ignore you and /spit in ur face
kid i just now read ur whole post !@#$ and umm some one is a dumb %^- sunwell is one of the hardest raids that was ever made...... thats number 1 number 2 is back in bc bud they didnt have 450 eng or jc or any proff or even wrath gems..... and if there is ppl that 9maned it dosnt mean its not hard u only says its not hard cuz u have always been carried by 85s witch tbh ive seen and heared of 85s failing at sunwell and other bc raids. can any one tell me y? cuz there like this kid right here oh its a 70 raid we got or are 85's so this is faceroll they pull first boss and try to burn him oh wait wats this *!@# hes not dead even tho he is at 1hp, maybe its bugged or maybe u dont know wat u are doing and with 70s its alot harder u should try it some time when u get enough smarts then just maybe u could get on my lvl but atm ur about here _ and im about - there
kid u fail even more we dont act like we are the best and we actually raid with players from battle master's and do rbgs with them and from lots of other guilds again u are trolling cuz one of ur players realm changed to join our guild so now u are making up !@#$/ talking %^-*
This guild is sweet!
This is the best guild ever!
cant wait till i'm 70 so i can raid with you guys.
^^ Tell me about it, lols.
Talking crap about my guild? Sounds like someone is asking for a 10k crit.
Ahaha, good old Murderface xD
Need some heals? then don't join any other guilds, than the one i yield.
lol, Drake, are you still doing the level 80 twinking?
we should so run ICC10 with all 80s
will ive read wat every one has said so far and it seems like to me crinkleberry u are trolling ppl over losing a guild member i know its not fun to lose a guildie but man u are acting really immature
lol, Drake, are you still doing the level 80 twinking?
we should so run ICC10 with all 80s

Yep, Im gonna start the 80 bracket soon, we're starting off slow though.
Maybe with naxx?

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