[H] Nephilim - 6/8H Recruiting!

Nephilim is recruiting!

If you're a competent raider and can raid 3 nights a week, 3 hours each night, we would love to hear from you!

Community is a big part of Nephilim. We want every person to enjoy their experience within our guild as much as possible. We ARE an 18+ only guild, and wish to only recruit mature members.

We have two current 10-man raid groups within our guild, although we may be interested in adding a third if somebody is seriously interested :)

Guild Website:


Raid One: Tuesday, Wednesday, Monday 7:00 - 10:00 PM Server

Raid Two: Tuesday/Thursday/Monday 7:00 - 10:00 PM Server

Raid One: 6/8H
Raid Two: 6/8H

Officers You Can Contact:
Raid One: Jacey, Raveros, Rryu
Raid Two: Snazzlefart, Shuttlestomp, Langoor

Currently Recruiting:

Raid One:
Holy Paladin

Raid Two:
Resto Druid (Boomkin Offspec)
Holy Paladin
Disc Priest (Shadow Offspec)

While we will sometimes accept members without heroic experience, we do prefer to recruit those who know the fights.

We are a mostly English speaking guild, with a few Russian, French and Spanish speakers.
You will be expected to be able to communicate in English for raid groups.

At this time, we are not interested in recruiting casual members who are not friends or family of current guild members.
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