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Hi people,

How's things?

I'm writing this post to ask for assistance to brainstorm some potential ideas for an experimental research design that would have utility in-game (WoW).

Specifically, I am interested in a possible correlation between level of gaming (average time spent playing WoW) and associated levels of impulsivity. I am also going to look at the benefits of using the rested XP function as a tool to promote delay discounting (foregoing a small reward now for a larger or better reward at a later point in time), for more balanced game usage.

I understand that I can obtain most of the data I need via the use of particular surveys and inventories. However, I have been informed that i need an experiemental component to make the research more meaningful.

So (hypothetically), I was thinking about creating two guilds (one as a control and one as the experimental to be manipulated in some way), with 10-12 people in each guild. Can you guys help me brainstorm or provide some ideas as to how I can develop an experiment that may look at a correlation between gaming use and impulsivity, please? or even to somehow tie in the use of rested Xp in the taverns to test delay discounting behaviours in different guilds?

I have been thinking about this for over week and have not come up with any concise ideas yet...

Any comments would be greatly appreciated! :)
well first of all conducting any sort of testing using wow in itself is not an "experiment" but rather a quasi-experiment. the two guilds example has way too many extraneous variables, and is not an experiment. an experiment is a extremely tightly controlled scenario where you have at least one group that does not get the treatment effect and a different group that does. if you to do this in wow there would be so many extraneous variables that it would make your research have no validation- for example, was the effect due to the treatment, or rather to the individual playing wow for 25 hours straight while another individual played for an hour then went to sleep.

also if your lecturer is telling you that you need an experimental component to make research more meaningful (im assuming youre studying psych/some social science) they really need to read up on qualitative research.

personally i think the best way to investigate "possible correlation between level of gaming (average time spent playing WoW) and associated levels of impulsivity." would be using some sort of previously validated scale to measure impulsivity and another scale (one you could construct) to measure their level of gaming. obviously the level of gaming is the IV and impulsivity is the DV but you really need to operationalize these variables better. for example, what do you mean by level of gaming? how long they play? how intense they play? how much attention they allocate to gaming in their daily life? you need to operationalize this variable using previous literature.

personally i would keep far away from world of warcraft and instead generalise to all gamers. don't restrict yourself to just using wow.
Not sure here exactly what you are after, but here goes.
One guild for people who play a lot not using the rested xp bonus.
One guild for people who play a lot using the rested xp bonus.
However, the overlap between the two would be a problem in the impulsivity.
As I play a lot of WoW, the 'impulse' to play is a n/a.
But as a player who uses the rested bonus over multiple toons, is applicable.
Is that anywhere close to what you are after?

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