What raids can you solo? Good income?

What raids can hunters solo? Someone was telling me its good money to solo raids every week. Anyone kno what raids to start on and which are not doable as a hunter? Im talking bc/vanilla content
MC is ezmode, and its about 300g in 20 mins if you just do bosses. I advise you not to try Magmadar's core hounds, run past them...

AQ20 = ezmode
Kara = ez
AQ 40 is tough, but some bosses are doable
BWL can be solo'd if you're good and watch enough youtube videos to learn how to get past razoregore
I haven't tried a lot of raids for BC but I know a lot of them have been soloed
I just started doing Ony for the mount. Not sure how much money it brings in, but it is a quick fight.

And you get a shot at the best mount in game
i think most of sunwell is doable but i rather get LFR gear before i try that stunt, currently i ask someone to tag along.
You should browse this thread: http://elitistjerks.com/f74/t43955-hunters_soloing_old_instances_fun_profit/
MC = Easy, magmadar trash is a pain though and Lucifron (sp) is usually patting through that trash. At the moment, MC is letting me in there without having to be in a raid or even in a group, which is nice and may possibly be a bug, so don't be surprised if blizz fix that.

AQ20=easy, good money, I make about 170g a run in vendor trash and bop gear alone, more when you take into account boe items/leather (I'm a skinner so I often come out with 2-3 stacks of rugged leather as well) although the idols/scarabs don't always sell well on my server

Kara=mostly easy, I still get stuck on chess however. It's the one fight I've come across where luck is the deciding factor on if you beat it or not.

Those are the only ones I've succeeded at soloing, I'm still working on soloing AQ40, just haven't had the time to go back.

With Old World raids, the thing to remember, is that along with gold, vendor trash, transmog gear and old epics, you also get reputation with various factions, some of which come with achievements at exalted.
I do all the raids listed except BWL and AQ 40( which i bring pals ) and ive downed ony twice. The gold is 50 but the mount chance is what people go for. I also do Magtheridon. you can get about 50 to 75g ( from vendoring drops ).

The best place to solo at the current state of the game and patch is hands down tempest keep once you learn the fight.

Even without trash clears ( some bosses have to be cleared though ) each boss is 250g plus drops and kael is 300 gold plus a chance at the phoenix mount. WARNING the kael thas fight is BRUTAL until you get it down.

Im pretty sure most people with decent gear can do it. Just watch youtube vids and learn. Its recommended to be marksman ( or at least all the vids I watched except 1 were ) but I do it as BM in pvp gear.

Also note to MAXIMIZE my gold and and get the most out of my time doing it heres my formula.

25 dailies : If you are progressed deep enough into molten front I can do all the dailies there pretty quick as they are grouped close like isle of quel danas was. After that its straight to the TB 6 dailies that you can do regardless of who holds TB. This leaves me with 2 which I do in Uldum ( the pluckers quest and the catapault bombing ).

Hearth is set to shat so I can easily get to TK or take the caverns of time port to Tanaris then fly to mudsprocket for ony.
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Quite a few in Naxx are doable
Everything in nax is soloable, each boss drops about 125G + items. Makes good money, difficulty ranges depending on which boss you're working on.

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(looking at you, Gluth)
Go to my youtube channel, lazypeon100. He's soloable, takes a bit of work but not too bad.

@OP, as others have stated majority of Vanilla/BC stuff is soloable, EoE/naxx/uld and some bosses in ICC are also soloable. Certain bosses in the 85 heroics are also soloable, however they don't give nearly as much gold so I wouldn't recommend soloing those unless you like the challenge.
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What raids can hunters solo? Someone was telling me its good money to solo raids every week. Anyone kno what raids to start on and which are not doable as a hunter? Im talking bc/vanilla content

I think it's fun to solo old raids if you like the challenge. There are a lot better ways to make gold, though, just to be clear.

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