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Valhälla is now currently recruiting for Classic PvE / BC content. We are primarily a 60 twink guild but we do have a couple of 70 (bracket toons). We are looking for a few skilled players that are willing to join our ranks & have some fun. We currently are looking for everything at the moment.

The level 50+ players are more than welcome to join our ranks & into our runs & can be taken in MC,BWL, AQ 20 (now 10) & AQ 40. Considering most of the raids are 40 man, we are looking for multitudes of people to join our team. Anyone that is interested can wisper myself or have a guildy see if an officer is on.


Sergeant Major Shaylinn

P.S Here is a couple vids we have done in the past just goofing off.


Received a couple levelers but need more. If interested hit us up this weekend.
reporting to duty!
om nom nom nom
We are still looking for more 50 - 64's. If anyone is interested send a wisper out or in game mail to any of the officers.
We are recruiting 70 twinks as well for pve & pvp. We decided to expand this guild to all twinks. I want this to be a home for twinks & an escape from the drab of end game content & to just have fun. If anyone is interested send a tell to an officer in the guild. If none are on at the time just send me an in game mail.
This is a great guild! More twinks are welcomed ^_^ Drama free.
this is a good guild for 70s 60s for raiding and many more awsome stuff to do every week :)
As for myself, an old fart, this is what I think:

For a time, I was alone in Alterac Valley, seeing myself as the 51-60 bracket queen of the galaxy, while my friends kept leveling up and then then started exploring the Outlands. I stayed away from forbidden territories (and xp gains) as much as possible and then tried to grab a few delicious items, at the cost of a few % level increase bettering myself and making this character a more interesting subject. On and off, for years...

That was in 2007, when BC came out.

I remember that then, some people laughed at me, linking me items from BT...
Nowadays, these same guys cry over this toon. :P

Then, year after year, playing the game on and off, travelling the world (IRL) and then subscribing again, I did level up a few toons to 70, to 80 and so on but... never did any of my other adventures meet the expectations I had.

This old classic Marshal, my most cherished character, now locked and immortal, is by far what I prefer in this game. She had to find a place to be.

Thanks to this guild I found a spot where I truly belong, it makes me feel like I'm not completely crazy. ;)

You 60-64's and 70s, stop waste time grinding rugged leather and fel iron, come and kill people with us.

We want you!
I use to not know what a twink was until i met shaylinn. He and his guild opened my eyes and now they are helping me get gear for raid healing. The best part is they listen to the way you would like to play your toon but yet they try to give u advice some may take it some may not.

Come and try Valhälla out.

Hope to see you soon
Wow the things you all say amaze me every day. Truly you guys are a great bunch & thank you all for the compliments. Silverdust you are spot on friend because I felt alone here as well that is until we all formed this guild for twinks. I hope we grow together as a guild & have a blast.

Guild we are now faced with a Horde guild that is starting up 70 twinks. View these posts on our very own realm forums.


Anyone that is interested in twinking we are recruiting any & all who would want to join. Our guild max is currently 70 atm. We raid with full 70's on friday nights @ 9pm server with another guild cross realm. We've gone all through the content with full completion of BT & Sunwell in under 2hrs. We're looking forward to new members that are wanting to join our ranks.

Sergeant Major Shaylinn
The 70 twinks are having their raids at 9pm server time with another guild cross realm. If you all are interested in joining hit me up in game.
With the rise of MoP coming out we are still recruiting members for those interested in twinking. You do not have to be fully geared or geared at all. We are recruiting all who have thought about the idea & those that want to make a toon that intend to twink at a particular bracket.

If you are interested hit us up in game via wisper, mail, or request through to the guild.


Private Partz =D
We will be recruiting once people start to loose interest in MoP. If anyone is interested you can let us know on the forums or in game mail or whisper me on my 90


The 70 bracket is still doing pretty well & BG's have been popping constantly. Gear at 70 is a little easier to attain. I would hope we could get a solid group to raid eventually. The 70's guild (cross realm) we where raiding with fell apart so we have not raided much at that level since.

The 60's I plan on raiding with a core of 8 people & hopefully with more toons active at 60 the bracket can see more games instead of having to smash on toons in Outland. This bracket still is active & most just raid which I still have on RL ID to make runs easier.

If any are interested just hit us up, we would love to have good friendly people.


Sergeant Major Shaylinn
More News for our server. We are gaining more 70 twinks to join on this realm for raiding on a regular basis. The old group from cross realm is coming to ED. Review this post.


Edit: Here are a couple of pics from our raid group


Yeah I'll be healing for Valhälla. Woot Woot! Time to destroy BT and Sunwell!
Do you guys still do level 60 twink raids?

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