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in aboot a half hour

MMO Champion one


Also, any better indication on a beta date ?
uhh uhh i dont know where to start


Mmo-champ really summed all of it up. Added with the audio conference that Curse uploaded.
I'm pretty excited about slowly catching on fire to ramp up my damaging spells =)
Bash, can we expect more info on low pop/imbalanced servers?
I really hope the "Alliance lore" isn't about removing a leader THE HORDE doesn't like.

Both factions removing a leader to HELP the horde isn't something the alliance would get excited about, it just makes the alliance a plot device to remove a leader that didn't pan out as much as Blizzard wanted, in order for the horde to get a leader they like back, while the alliance walk away with nothing...yet again.
MMO-champion, I'm drowning in information!

Question though; the new roll system for LFR isn't very clear, do we get 3 or 4 rolls and if we win one we get a piece of loot?
No new character models .com / money

More glyphs for Druids is some of the information provided by WoWInsider. Spirit form instead of Moonkin, Orca instead of Aquatic, Stag instead of Travel... and other things. :)

No new race models, so great. I get to have a even more horribly out of place looking character parading through new zones. Neat-o.And also no word on how hard the heroic raids are actually going to be. This worries me after the disaster of DS.
I was excited about this expansion before... NOW I WANT IT NOW!!! >:O
Anyone have a link of all the updated talents and skills for every class and spec besides monk?

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