Cool paladin names.

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Any name using an alt-letter/symbol is entirely below consideration.

The dumb joke ones (like mine) are truly weak, but Paladins deserve only mockery.

The angel names fit the best Azrael, Samael, Uriel, Gabriel. Good luck grabbing one.

A-ha! But what if Uriel has an alt-letter!!!

Bonus points if you're a Male Human.

Close Enough!
Anyway, Retdream and it's variants get my vote.
Ah yeah -I'm Vallien! What now!
What's in a name anyway?
if you are a tauren holycow would be good
Lately ive been getting annoyed of my boring random name.... Anyone have any good names for a human paladin?

Any name with any class ability, mechanic, or armor in the name.

is awful.
name your char Leroy but you might have to use accents and for title do Jenkins its a classic name XD
Just made a pally named Holylocked-----:D i like it
how long did it take to get full judgment??
How long did it take to get full judgment??


Lightbringer? Morningstar? Lucifer?
My name wins, Tyska is Swedish and means >German<, I am from Germany, born and raised in Berlin, makes it authentic. I take gold as award, thanks.

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