Cool paladin names.

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If your name is Ben, you can use Palaben. I can't believe I haven't been using it all this time. My name is generated and it fit, so I went with it.
well you could go with Healrybuff if you were a female character
or Aggrolavigne
<-- I really like my Holy Paladin name.
If you have to use special characters then you're out of the running.

Any name that can be used in conjunction with titles is always fun:
Crusader Strike
Bloodsail Admiral Akbar (any class really)
Knight Captain Obvious (any class really, but seems more paladin to me)
Bovinestorm (tauren for obvious reasons)
Chef Pauladeen

Just stay away from Retbull and QT names
I named my alt Pallymcbeil.
<--- the one and only
If you're a human you could go with like Alexander as in Alexander the great or Joanofarc if you are female?
I love my name lol. How about Sanctus?
Hmm ill throw one in the mix Judgenjury my cows name :P
Righteousfurry for you Tauren folk out there. It can't fit the last two letters, so use creative spelling.

Holyfield (Tauren name referencing Holy shield.)

Bubbletrouble. Can't fit the E at the end. Use creative spelling.

Boptimusprime. Can't fit the E at the end. Use creative spelling.

Coward. Get it? Because cow.

That's all I can think of for now.
Holysoab, to bad I already took it! >:D
<-- Reporting in :)
All thems names is Irrelevents. I ams a gods.

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