Cool paladin names.

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Bonus points if you're a Male Human.
I am the Chef, Fear me!
If you have The kingslayer title Eraggon is the name for ya :)
<--------- is the obvious choice.
Luft<----- Because it means air and paladins are like air, everyone needs us :P
I like my name. Alestain
Guess my preferred spec by the name!

“Let me tell you about the difference between you and me. It’s like the story of the monkey trying to capture the moon. However close he thinks he is to the moon, its still just the reflection of the moon in the middle of the lake.

No matter how he struggles to capture that “moon”, he inevitably sinks to the bottom of the lake to no avail.

You will never reach me.” Kuchiki Byakuya
or you could use what i plan on naming my toon when MoP drops.... Gladheateher, just a slight play on gladiator..

edit: this toon's name came from my 4 year old (at the time) grandson...
<Azriel> archangel of chaos = win for ret pallys. jsing
Unstobubble was taken.
<-- this

My friend told me there was a Justicebeaver in Goldshire.

I died laughing.

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