Cool paladin names.

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LOL, its tempting, but no i will not reroll a new pally just to have that name
I have the best named inspired after Ramen noodles and everyone loves Ramen noodles if you don't you are automatically a terrorist and a threat to our society
03/27/2012 10:17 AMPosted by Moose
Im kind of partial to mine like most others are.

03/27/2012 09:52 PMPosted by Bird
I like Moose more than mine. :(

03/27/2012 10:27 PMPosted by Lobster
I am clearly the superior animal here.

I approve of all of those three names.

Go Prot.
I like mine a lot. I used to have another one who I kept as ret who's name was Swiftjustice. And a dwarf one named Dwarvenhero.
03/28/2012 12:11 AMPosted by Candystriper
Mine obviously ;)
+1 for that name
<-----this guy.
Colonel Mooamar Cowdaffi reporting for duty!
I saw a priest named "Healthpack"! Made me think of FPS times =D
lol both mine are pokemon. Kinda reliving those days.


Just cause i'm a Mac truck.

In fact, name it Mactruck. Cuz every 2 mins, that's what comes down the street.
<-----this guy.

Lol, didn't see this other one up here.
Rraerr , Mmedikk , Vyndorathran .

a random name works too
<- Because everyone's doing it.
Best food ever
I like my name
<---Original and badass

And my dwarf paladin, Gustufson...
How about Abstergo?

I named my pally that, and I really enjoyed it. :D

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