Cool paladin names.

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My name is personal being the first letter of each of my 3 children's names followed by a kiss :)

corny i know but best i could think of that was original.
your name is a good one, u should say your name
u mean that evil company from assassins creed
Im going 88 miles per hour!
vódkä wins
I was reading a song of ice and fire when I made this guy
I wonder what my name means :D

I like mine :) Although it was even more true back in vanilla.
i like mine ;)

O-mang.. not O Man G
Layonthese for female paladins. pun of lay on hands
For a tauren mine was Holyburger
i just pick names i have association with

like this bro was a character from a book i was reading at the time

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