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Have just noticed that when you list something in the AH the item does not get removed from your list of items unless you refresh or leave that part of the page, like for instance, I put a piece of armor in the AH and it remained in my inventory till I refreshed the page, this has only just happened since I was last on the remote site Friday 3/16/2012
Same for me. Linux Mint, Firefox 10.0.2.
Started for me yesterday. On both FF and Chrome.
Still broke.
Yep, still broke.
Hey, lets see if we can make it a week without A) a fix and B) a blue response.
It boggles the mind.
Pssssttt, Blizzard. Guess what.

Yep, it's still broke, and you have ignored it for over a week.

Customer service at it's finest.
I've tried chrome, firefox and internet explorer browsers and it's still broke. I have to refresh after each auction created in order to get the list I picked the auction item from to update the change (either reduced or no quantity in the bag, bank, etc. that item auctioned from). I have noticed this problem in my remote auction house for the past two weeks.
Nice, y'all had time to resurrect that stupid crab, but you can't fix or respond to us about this issue.
Another maintenance Tuesday has come and gone. It's still broke and your "customer service" has still ignored this for over two weeks. 40 days until my pre-paid time is used up, and I'll be sure to let Blizzard know why I won't be renewing.
There's no way we'll make it a month without a blue response and/or a fix for this still broken item, is there???
Yes, since my original post I have yet to see a fix for this AH Dung beetle (bug), and as multiple Maintenance Tuesday's have come and gone no resolution still, now I know Blizz is busy what with the upcoming Expac and all the beta Inviting and so forth, but this should be a minor fix, but a major annoyance to the ppl that utilize this remote AH function, lets just see if another month can pass by with not even a blue response shall we.
Tick-tock, tick-tock.

Still broke.
Ignored for over a month. Buh-bye Blizzard, you've officially lost a customer since the Orcs vs Humans days.
So with all the work being put into fixing D3 and the MoP Xpac, I understand blizz has their hands full, but this remote AH thing needs to be fixed, I created this thread back in March and has yet to even be addressed so I am to believe that something simple as removing the items you placed in the AH from your inventory is too big a problem to not even get e Blue response letting us know this bug is even acknowledged, and now on top of that your AH fee's are not even getting taken out of you gold until you refresh the page, so like my last post we'll see if we can go another month without even a Blue response letting us know that THEY know about it...........See ya in a month
OK so another month has passed, and this problem has yet yo be resolved, not even a Blue response, not really sure if the Blues even read this stuff, but this is getting quite annoying, to have to refresh your tab in-order to see your items and gold reflect your AH transactions, not only that, but now your item sections like Bid/Buyout and Name/Rarity do not work properly, like for instance if I click the Name/Rarity tab it doesn't put the items in order of Rarity or by Name anymore, it just puts them in order by last item put into the AH, where it used to put them in order by Rarest or in Alphabetical order, so my question is, what the hell is going on with the AH, and how can we get even the slightest sign of this problem even being acknowledged. So that being said, now lets wait another month to see if this even gets a Blue response, I doubt it ,but lets just wait and find out shall we.................
Well,I was just on the Remote AH and finally the items you list in the AH are finally being taken out of inventory when listed, it only took about 5 months, but it is now corrected, thank you Blizz for correcting that annoying issue

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